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We tried to do this last year on videoGaiden, but we didn't really have the infrastructure to do it properly. This time we have.

We want video reviews from viewers, but you don't have to be a viewer to send them. There'll be a press release and stuff going out on Friday, but I'm going to holla at youse guys first. Basically you can review anything, but don't use any footage of said games. Just get your face in front of the camera and do your bit. Don't swear or that either, because the reviews will be going up on the bbc website, and videoGaiden is totally teen-friendly.

3 or 4 minutes is good.

I'll give youse details where you email download links to or whatever when I find out for sure, but there's some creative lovely boys and girls on here, so please do the do. If you've watched the show I'm sure you've noticed we try to get people with mad skillz involved in vG if we can - Gerry from Re:Loaded and Luke Elliott and so on. So man up, get some prepped and you can achieve great success on a BBC.

Anyone fancy it?


submit here

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So's my love life mate.

Right, might do something. If there is one - when's the deadline?

No deadline. It'll be ongoing over the next couple of months. Start early if you want to be a regualr though.

i'm in... i really want to do a crackdown one... but is it too late?

or i suppose i could do a Burnout Paradise one. When's the deadline?

No deadline.

Old games are fine.

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