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Well, thanks to Netflix giving me another free month I've spent the last 4 days catching up on season 3 & 4. That last episode was mindblowing, especially the cameo appearance by Two-Face from Batman... And still, the first 8 episodes of season 5 are there for me to guzzle too.

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Does anyone know which channel the new season will air on in the UK? I'd happily watch on my laptop but my wife is into it now, so would be nice to watch it with her on the big telly.

I'm not sure it has ever been aired on UK TV... So can't imagine the new season will be aired.

You're better off getting on your laptop and playing it on the big tv via HDMI or VGA

Season 1 was on FX, but sadly and inexplicably bombed by all accounts.

Though I have to fess up, I saw the adverts way back when and never tuned in......shame on me!

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I'm coming up to the end of season 3 now. Loving this show so much.

I keep telling friends and people at work to watch it, but no one seems to give it a chance :(

However, the two guys at work who did tell me are already on the newer series so although i can talk about it to them they keep forgetting stuff thats happened as it was so long ago.

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It really is a fantastic slice of telly and I can't recall anticipating any other show more eagerly than the finale of BB. In fact, I don't think I've ever been quite so eager to see any films either.....I cannot wait for this. It's quite nice that I watched everything up to this point in a fairly condensed period so I could keep well on top of all the goings on. It's been good to have a little break too because I've been able to read/watch interviews and stuff without fear of spoilers betwixt finishing the available episodes and now.

Dem teasers have got my juices flowing though, despite showing precisely nothing.

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In the uk?!?

Brought the bb book and at first chance it looks well made and comprehensive with lots of different features and art work. Not sure if its a little overkill, I kind of want to keep some of the mytic and not know everything about how and why each episode were made but its well worth a look

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