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Breaking Bad


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My Dad got mistaken for Chuck Norris in Egypt earlier this year. We walked past a papyrus shop (There are only two types of shop in Egypt - papyrus or unidentified meat vendors), and a guy runs out screaming "CHUCK NORRIS!" and "WALKER TEXAS RANGER" at my Dad. He then insists on getting my Dad's hand, and getting his photo taken with him.

The irony was, there were at least two genuinely famous people in our group that the Egyptian guy completely ignored.

FYI: My Dad looks fucking nothing like Chuck Norris.

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I finished this last night. I've been watching two episodes a night for about a month. There wasn't an episode I didn't enjoy. What a great cast. Even the smaller characters like Badger and the car wash owner were brilliantly acted. It was a great TV series. So many fantastic moments.

In terms of the end. Walt is hopefully dead as there's nowhere else to go - other than prison.

It made me laugh, cry, it made me horrified and I loved it.

Watching Better Call Saul now :)

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Ideally people should realise that seeking out information online about a subject they don't want spoiled might spoil them on it, and let a discussion forum be a forum for discussion. I appreciate the hypocrisy in this instance but It's Vader is Luke's father stuff and a punchline at this stage.

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Ideally you should either follow the rules or fuck off.

Seriously, it's not complicated to understand, or difficult to do.

In this instance it's not something I personally care about but why not put that little bit of effort in so you don't spoil everyone else's enjoyment.

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The Sopranos pisses all over any of the other shows you've listed. I'd also rate The Shield as better than Breaking Bad, but I'm not the worlds biggest Breaking Bad fan. Game of Thrones is a must much too.


I didn't enjoy Mad Men at all, but I know many love it. The Walking Dead starts well and turns to dog shit very quickly.

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10 hours ago, Danster said:

Well that's it, finally finished! Over 200 pages of gushing, pointless arguing, diversions into piracy, Netflix, torrents and NEG's idiocy, fan made comics, videos, remixes, excitement, dread, plot-holes and predictions. Well done everyone! Great thread will not read again. :P


Oh and Breaking Bad was pretty good* too...! :) Favourite moments, Walt's crazy plans, the ending of the Train Heist, Get off my turf, Mike, Huwell on a bed of cash, Flynn taking control, the fly, the cartel's pool party, franch, the end of season 5b, wobbly laser pointers (i knew something was up with that), doughnuts in the parking lot, ding! Hank's shootout, Hank's beer exploding, the RV, the confession dvd, Marie's purple fetish, Saul's metaphors, Mike playing hungry hippos, Lydia's sweetner, Gus's cold stare, Skyler's knifing, Badger's dancing and Jesse, oh Jesse, the dumb punk, from a "good" family who took a wrong turn somewhere, made money, lost money, made a wooden box, showed loyalty, learnt so much, took drugs, got straight, fell off the waggon, lost so much, robot! made mistakes and came through for people, was punished by those around him, made meth as good as Walt, bitch!


*Best TV show ever!**

**With the possible exception of The Wire.


Now, do I watch Better Call Saul, The Sopranos, The Shield, Madmen, The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones in my epic quest to catch up on a whole decades worth of popular American TV that I've missed...? :unsure:



 I finished Breaking Bad about a month ago, and thought it was just about the best television series I have ever watched.


I am going to start Sons of Anarchy now, which I have heard good things about,


Walking Dead - Good, but too many so-so episodes and the writing is starting to get lazy (predictable/farcical)

Mad Men - Very good, over arching storyline as opposed to a week to week continuation thing. But some great writing and a great main character in Don Draper

Game of Thrones. Lavish, epic, exciting, sexy television.But... I don;t think I connected to any of the characters the way I did with Walk and Jesse. Perhaps because there is such a large cast.


I've not watched the Shield or the Wire so I can't comment.


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