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Wonderland BBC2


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Anyone been watching this? I've really enjoyed it so far.

Tonight's episode sounds good- it's about online relationships....concentrating on those that people have on Second Life, ooer!

This is a curious and unsettling glimpse of the future. Film-maker Fergus O'Brien tells the stories of couples who have begun relationships in Second Life, the online world where people create "avatars" (moveable 3-D icons) of themselves and embark on "virtual" extramarital affairs. Carolyn was a depressed American housewife who reinvented herself as a sexy siren in Second Life, hooked up (digitally) with a British man called Eliot, and drifted away from her husband and children. "It was like being reborn," she says, and later: "Most people wouldn't dare to open that Pandora's box." Except, this is a box you dive into, full of addictive pleasures - of tropical resorts and restaurants where dolphins leap through fountains. The power of the film comes from the contrast between those highsheen fantasy landscapes and the real world of, say, a housing estate in Nuneaton. It leaves us with plenty to think about.


I imagine it will be pretty interesting/amusing/hmmmmm. On at 9.50pm!

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Why are they using the Battlestar Galactica music?

I was intrigued by that too.... Were they implying that the Second Life people were similar to Cylons? :( Or something?

Hmmm....well, I guess that was an interesting waste of a Wednesday night but I think I'd have to agree with Asty that it was rather sloppy.

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Missed this, meant to watch it though. I imagine it'd be hard to film bits ingame what with all the furries and whatnot hanging around. In fact when Phil and Fern were talking about it this morning Phil commented on the amount of 'rabbits' at this virtual wedding.

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I only started watching these because my Mum was in the first one with Norman Wisdom, this latest one is sitting on the Humax's hard disk waiting for me to watch it tonight.. unlike last week where it decided to record Gordon Ramsey instead of Badger eating. The topics certainly seem to be varied and interesting - what's up next week ?

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what's up next week ?
DOCUMENTARY: Wonderland: The Madness of Dancing Daniel

On: BBC 2 North (102)

Date: Wednesday 6th February 2008 (starting in 6 days)

Time: 21:50 to 22:30 (40 minutes long)

Documentary series about everyday dramas. Daniel is 29 and has a personality disorder so unusual that even his psychiatrist can't name it. He's obsessed with London, red ties ("like Tony Blair would wear") and dancing to Madonna. He often behaves aggressively, and no London care home will take him in. Most people like Daniel spend their lives in prisons or long stay mental hospitals, but Daniel's psychiatrist really doesn't want to see him locked up. Is there an alternative?

(Stereo, Widescreen, Subtitles, Audio Described)


Excerpt taken from DigiGuide - the world's best TV guide available from http://www.getdigiguide.com/?p=1&r=8627

Copyright © GipsyMedia Limited.

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Fucksake. Lazy, sloppy and poorly researched and presented.

Also, how fucking late to the party? Second Life, fucksake it's only the obsessive, mental defectives left in there. Easy pickings for shit journalism.

[/eye fucking roll]

Aye. Pointless. This felt like one of those documentaries where the decide what story they want to tell before they make it, then search for real people whose lives happen match the story they've come up with.

I wouldn't be surprised if the british guy (who had the american woman come over for a visit) was a journalist, friend of the film makers, who was researching online relationships in Second Life.

Shame as I enjoyed the one last week about the weirdos on Bodmin Moor.

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