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February Hip-Hop Recommendations


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No probs - I remembered that guy recently who was going on about some password and generally being a tool. Thought it best to remove all the info to not attract the ruffians.

Back on topic - HNIC 2 should be good, as long as the G unit influence is kept to a minimum. Return of the Mac was great, so my expectations are good.

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Back on topic - HNIC 2 should be good, as long as the G unit influence is kept to a minimum. Return of the Mac was great, so my expectations are good.

Return of the Mac was fucking awesome. Again, I wasn't expecting that at all. Here's hoping for another pleasant surprise from P.

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Yeah, I'm really looking forward to HNIC2. The dude seems to have lost his mind recently (ridiculous paranoia, rapping about pyramids on Mars, insane religious conspiracies, being sent to prison for 3 years, etc), but it's totally done wonders for his music. I also read that HNIC2 will be the first hip-hop CD to incorporate some sort of audio translation technology that plays the tracks in different languages. WTF!

There was a great, crazy, dirty, synthed-out HNIC2 track called 'New Yitty' on Fat Lace the other day, which sounded like some grizzly gutter music from a zombie flick. I think it samples fucking Bollywood don, Chiru!

Sid Roams on production, maybe? I know they're contributing to the album. They are SO nice with the synth style beats, and P rides them beautifully. See his appearance on the Big Twin song 'In The Smash' for proof (I'd love to up it, but it's on another PC unfortunately! It was great, though. One of my very favourite songs of last year from any genre).

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Yo, just checking this at the minute. Well worth picking up.


Torae - Daily Conversation

Down with Little Brother/Justus League etc. Check the production steez on the album though:

Black Milk, Khrysis, Marco Polo, 9th Wonder, PREEMO! That is some line-up. He's nice with the rhymes too, easy to listen to.

Yep definately worth getting. The Primo tracks on this are fantastic :)

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DX: Before we let you go, what’s going on with the music?

IB: The album is done. Reprisal is my next solo album. It’s done. Right now I’m just finishing up paperwork. We are looking at a March release. It’s gonna be a CD plus a DVD. I was actually able to get in the studio with [DJ Premier]. Premo was able to get in there. Other than that, it is what it is

Ill Bill Porn Interview

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It's that new D.I.T.C. science. OC & AG, produced by Show (with cuts by Preemo!):

2 For The Money


EDIT: My flatmate just texted me to turn it down :(

I LOVE O.C....man, he's still sounding dope as ever. Good to hear Show's using the same drums he used in the 90's! What's the deal with getting Preemo to do the cuts though? My Nan could have done those.

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Bought MF Doom MM Food today. We allowed to talk about 4 year old stuff? It's good.

Other than that, it's all about Dilla-Gence for me. The Bustabuss Dilla tribute album. We talked about that yet? Fucking incredible. 'High' is fucking incredible. Not normally into Busta too much but his spit on the end of Lightworks with Q-Tip and Kweli goddamn kills me.

Also, anyone seen Dilla's

- fucking great video, nearly brings me to tears. Who knew the kid miming to Dilla's raps is Dill's little brother?

By the way, does he do anything?

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Just been checking out Illa J myspace, he has some nice beats.

This is out in a couple of weeks, the tracks Ive heard and the Redman snippet have all been great:


Any truth that Lowlife records is closing this year? - real shame if its true. They put out some fantastic releases ;)

Sick cover! :wub: When he played his new shit at last years Jazz Cafe appearance it didn't sound so hot though. Hope thats changed!

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Call to help: I'd like some recommendations on strictly old-school Hip-Hop or Electro of a similar style/period. I've been listening to a few compilation discs, and I'd like some more stuff. Suggested tracks (song name, artist):

- Egypt Egypt, Egyptian Lover

- Just Say Stet, Stetsasonic

- King of the Beats, Mantronix

- Amityville, "Love Bug" Starski

- Just Buggin', Whistle

- (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew, The Rock Steady Crew

- Breakin'... Ain't No Stoppin' Us, Ollie & Jerry

- The Breaks, Curtis Blow

- Light Years Away, Tyrone Brunsun

They're all mostly off the same compilation album, but you get the idea.

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You may like the MixClub CD I put together last month, which is full of 1979-1981 hiphop:


01. Mr. Magic - Rappin' With Mr Magic

02. Teen Machine - Teen Machine Rap

03. Master Jay - We Are People Too

04. Universal 2 - Dancing Heart

05. Xanadu - Sure Shot

06. Lonnie Love (Bka Mr. Hyde) - Young Ladies

07. Brother "D" With Collective Effort - How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise?

08. The Jazzy Three - Rappin' Spree

09. Jazzy 4 MC's - MC Rock

10. Mr. Magic - Coast To Coast (Edan Edit)

All more on the funky end of early hiphop as I'm not too up on the more electro-side of things beyond the obvious, but there's some of my favourite music there - I adore the youthful innocence of it all, there'll never be music like it again unfortunately.

Some compilations I'd recommend picking up:

Crash Crew - Back to the Old School

The Third Unheard - Connecticut Hiphop 1979-1983

Big Apple Rappin': The Early Days of Hip-Hop Culture in New York City 1979-1982

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