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A forum creative writing experiment


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I've been thinking of an idea recently that I think happened on the forum before but can't quite remember.

Someone should post in Off-Topic an initial post detailing something strange or suspicious happening in a certain part of the world, an eye witness report as it were from a forumite. "Guys, whats with all the smoke around Regents Strret? I can see it out my office window" for example. Of course this would be completely fictitous but I bet not as many forumites use this folder as much as others, so certain people would be in on it and others wouldn't.

Other "informed" forumites would add to the intrigue, building it up, other events happening in other part of fthe country/world. No reports appearing on news channels/bbc, must be a conspiricy? Obviously all done a lot more subtley than i'm explaining it right now. It could turn into an organic blow by blow account of a disaster as it unwraps, which I think is a very interesting idea and could potentially spook a few forumites in the process. Imagine Cloverfield if someone had been blogging the event as opposed to filming it.

Of course we'd have to discuss the intracacies here, what sort of event are we looking for? We'd have to jsut trust that no-one posts a link to this thread, I think it would be interesting to keep it as real and realisitc as possible. I'm giving the game away here of course but even if people were aware, I still think its an interesting concept for some creative writing.

What do you guys think?

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The key is a long set up. Someone talking about a related personal problem. getting people involved including a few who are in on it, then grow it from there. Maybe someone talks about a strange growth on their skin or something. Wonders if they should see a doctor. After a while someone else says they have something similar. And then others say stuff like 'my brothers a doctor and hes been seeing more and more of these. Mostly around the London area but reports a far field as australia. They've been told not to say anything.' Then build it to a highrise in a city has been unofficially quarenteened. See where it goes from there. Slow build up. People on forum who are infected begin to act strangly or something.

just an idea.

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This thread would be linked to by a killjoy by page 2. Rubbish idea for brining turmoil and carnage to a forum, hang your scheming heads in shame you foolish angsty art types.

Think its more of a recreating War of the Worlds story telling effect really but yeah, I was just exploring ideas on how it might work. I don't actually leave the Creative Design section of this site any more so its not something I'd care to participate in.

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