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I got a Thompson Top Up TV Anytime box as Xmas gift. It has got to be the worst piece of kit I've ever seen. In the last six weeks I've had to put up with the box crashing almost once a day when deleting recorded content. It's also missed a number of recordings, with a simple "Recording Failed" message, no other reason. Whenever trying to Ffwd or Rew through content, the box will regularly lose track of its position and jump backwards to a random point in time, by as much as an hour or more.

As for the actual content delivered via Top Up channels, these are ropey at best. Apart from a few decent series and sitcoms (which can be bought for less on DVD) the rest consists of average at best documentaries to some rubbish makeover / reality TV crap. they also deliver programmes one can find on any of the other Freeview channels, such as CSI, Spooks and Criminal Minds.

But quite possibly worst of all is that of the few series actually worth watching, on a number of occasions they have simply stopped them halfway through, and a few times episodes have been skipped, sometimes by what appears to be a whole season.

Looking on forums these problems seem to be experienced by a huge number of subscribers. Your money is better spent wiping your backside with it.

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