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Deadly Creatures


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"Deadly Creatures is an amazingly innovative game concept, and exemplifies THQ's commitment to creating original new IP for the Nintendo Wii platform," said Randy Shoemaker, director of global brand management, THQ. "With Deadly Creatures, we are raising the bar for all third-party Wii titles, and focusing on deep, compelling gameplay for a largely untapped audience of Wii gamers."

"Deadly Creatures is a creepy, cinematic thrill ride, where the distinction between predator and prey can shift around every corner," said Nick Wlodyka, executive producer and general manager, Rainbow Studios. "With brutal motion-controlled combat, a dark compelling story and some of the best visuals to date on the Wii, we are excited to bring Deadly Creatures to a large core Wii audience that hungers for a new experience."

Trailer: http://uk.media.wii.ign.com/media/142/14235413/vids_1.html

Images: http://uk.media.wii.ign.com/media/142/14235413/imgs_1.html



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I got this despite my dislike of spiders. I'm glad I did coz it's a top class game. The graphics are great and there's geometry all over the place. The controls are also superb. The gesture controls operate with just the right amount of force at default settings but the sensitivity can be adjusted. I've ha dseveral moments where I'll admit to letting out a small yelp. Sometimes spiders appear from nowhere, leaping all over the screen. Not good on a 42" screen - they look fucking huge. So in short, put aside your irrational fear of the 8 legged ones and enjoy a damn good Wii game.

2009 is off to a really good start for the Wii then. If we get just one game of this standard per month I'll be happy :)

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