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Smashing Pumpkins

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I was there, 6th time seeing them. Cherub Rock was indeed insane, as was I thought Mayonnaise. JC is my drum god but was a fraction too loud at times.

WPC is treading a fine line between extreme self-confidence / arrogance and embarrassing Spinal Tap parody. But then that's probably his intention. Incredible guitarist though, still.


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I'm half tempted to go along for that. Festival shows are a far lesser experience, IMO and fuck watching Rob Zombie are the barriers to entry for me. 


I'd go if Slayer , Tool and Smashing Pumpkins were all playing the same day for sure though. 

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Apparently the new album has bombed, but how does that work with Spotify and YouTube? I actually really like the album. It'd be better with an overarching theme, as in previous SP albums, but as a random collection of songs it's pretty damn good. It certainly sounds like more of a follow on from Machina than any of the other SP2 albums.

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Chart wise it’s continued the downward trend (54 in the US. The previous album was 33, the first time they’d charted outside the top 10 since the debut), but with streams and sales and whatnot I don’t know what that really means. They still seem to be selling loads of concert tickets at high prices, which is where the money is these days.

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2 hours ago, dino_jr said:

Has anyone bought CYR? Is it was gash as the radio suggests?

Jimmy C is back to thrash his drums and he's relegated in favour of a Roland 808 


I haven't bought anything from SP since Adore, but be interested to know too since I hear its a spiritual successor to Mellon Collie. Though I do find it hard to enjoy his music when Corgan is such a dick.

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