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The Brits 08


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Kate Nash winning best female singer when there seems to be no evidence of her actually singing on her "songs" :D

Unlike Mark Ronson, who fully deserved the Best Male Artist...

Also, what is this Adele all about? She's just another pile of chav shit that the music industry mistakenly thought might turn out to be good, right?

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Bullet Points (up until Artic Monkeys won something and I switched off in irritation)

The live sound was awful.

Out of all the Osbournes, Ozzy was barely seen.

Mika (with Beth from The Gossip) was quite good.

Only good thing about Rhianna & Klaxxons was the Lazers.

Amy Winehouse was sober, looked heathier, but very, very nervous.

Artic Monkeys looked, acted and sounded like the bunch of dicks I suspected they were.

Will watch the rest on Sky + later, hope McCartney was good.

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I watched some of this. It was sickening.

Artic Monkeys? Came from nowhere? Now look at them. A load of drunks on stage.

Winehouse = winner. Guess you have to be a real "messed up cokehead" to really get recognition.

Reeves drunk, Carr drunk, Sharon Osbourne - no class at all. Screaming at Vic Reeves like she was mental. Swearing away like some dodgy old housewife.

Is this what music is. British Music? A bunch of drunks stumbling about thinking they're great. Hosted by Sharon Osbourne and her personal ego-trip crusade?

A disgrace.

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doesn't specialise in faces though does he? He's very much the other end so I wouldn't trust his judgement on whether she was indeed 'off her face' or not.

It was generally a shambles though. I guess in a way it's nice to not have some stuffy boring awards show, but something just a tad more professional might have been nice. Decent main presenters would probably have done the job. Sharon and Ozzy were always going to be a train wreck.

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