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Aliens: Colonial Marines by Gearbox


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Did the first three missions, holy shit :lol:

As Brer says, it looks shite. Obviously it's at a better resolution and you can run at a speedy framerate/no screen tearing but it's still an ugly game. There's no suspense, mystery, tension or anything. It's more or less turned into COD, hell I think I've fought more humans/aliens in the first couple of missions than I did in the entirety of AvP 2010. That game knew and respected the series, how to build tension etc. It felt like a labour of love albeit one with flaws. This though....

The big problem is this. If they want to turn it into a non stop action shooter fine but here's the thing. Don't make the enemies SO. FUCKING. STUPID. The aliens and humans are utterly terrible to fight against. There's no AI to speak of. The aliens just fucking dander up to you 'Elo mate'. I had one alien which looked at me blanky, ran up a wall beside it in a straight line, did a backflip and THEN start running towards me! I stood there in amazement, I could have killed it at anytime and yet I was amazed at how bad this all was.

I can deal with old graphics, I can deal with shonkiness in many games but bloody hell! At least make the enemies fun to fight against. The hit detection is for fuck all, all you get are hit markers and if you want to turn them off ? Tough luck. It's so bad :lol:

I'll see what the multiplayer is like tomorrow and give it a good blast. It's still not the worst shooter I've played by a long shot though, however....... :lol:









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Is the frame rate uncapped? Mouse controls any good? Fov slider?

I'm using vsynch in NVidia control panel and it seems capped at 60fps ingame, not sure with VSynch off. Mouse controls feel fine, it doesn't feel sluggish or awful anyway. I'm not sure what you look for in mouse control tbh so I'm probably not the best one for that :D FOV slider there is as I put it up to the highest setting, I honestly can't tell you what the values are though, doesn't give any.

EDIT - OK you can go into the PecanEngine.ini file under My Documents>My Games>Aliens Colonial Marines and do the standard search for smoothframerate and either change the values or set it to FALSE. I was getting 90 - 120fps after that change. :)

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Since someone asked for plot spoilers (and I'm pretty tempted to not even spoilertag them):

They didnt stall the sulaco. The idea is that in alien3 when wy turn up at the end, they also salvage the sulaco and pilot her back to lv426 to act as an orbital research station thing. Not sure why they'd bother, necessarily. They have their own ships.

Literally the only faint praise I have is that they nailed the environemnts, from a design perspective. Technically the graphics are still ass, but the design is bang on. While avp2010 looked great n all, I felt the art design was more in line with the pulp novels. Which is fine, I actually quite liked them as a kid, but nothing beats the aliens set design for me.


The biggest issue we had on AvP2010 was working out how to get the Aliens to attack the player. As Retroguy said, having a AAA game with instant death just isn't the done thing these days, which makes the 'leap-slash-kill' from AvP'99 very difficult to replicate. A lot of early builds of AvP2010 had the player having to spin on the spot a lot, just to track the Aliens.

I liked it, because we could make a single Alien a good challenge and have it appear like it was toying with you. But as soon as you ramped it up and had 3 or 4 Aliens it became a disorientation nightmare. So you end up with Aliens in front of you and having to stand up to hit to you, because if they leap then they land behind you. Aliens on 2 legs just isn't as scary.

We spent a lot of time trying to make sure that they stuck to the shadows as much as possible, and jumped from surface to surface (the Jungle Aliens were weighted towards this behaviour, whereas the Warriors were biased towards floor based movement). So you got to see them jump a lot - throw a flare and they'll try to leap to a surface out of the way for instance.

In some places, it worked. In others, it didn't.

Interestingly, I think there's more room now for a AAA game to try something more akin to AvP'99 - especially after the proven success of very hard games on the indie scene.

See, as nice as the navigational trickery and ai is, for me a lot of the alien nature was in the animation.

I dunno what the skeletal model used for the aliens was like, but when on all fours they always seemed very fluid in their movements, very serpentine, and compared to a more rigid humanoid model like we see in A:CM I found this made them much harder to predict. because they snaked around so much it was tricky to know what movement or direction they were gonna do next. For all its other minor flaws, the animation of the aliens was as damn near perfect as I could want.

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im one of the thousands without the exe. executable file so it won't even run.

fucking joke

here is the fix

WE FIXED IT , The problem is the Steam cashe files you need Follow the steps below.

First Make sure steam is CLOSED.

Then ->

you need to got into your /program files/steam/

THEN delete the WHOLE diectory of /appcache

then reload steam and it will redownload the files and you will be able to play. GOOD LUCK.

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From CVG:

  • CVG - 6.2: Sure, it looks like the film on the surface, but you don't have to dig far to find a game that fails to live up to the license. Surprisingly, it's the competitive multiplayer that impresses the most.
  • OXM - 6: Colonial Marines can't trade on nostalgia alone, in other words. It needed to offer intense combat against an unstoppable force, deft storytelling that matched the cinematic flair of the films, and some new ideas that could have rejuvenated an overexposed franchise. It needed, in short, to be a better game.
  • OPM - 6: Something playable and occasionally atmospheric, but never extraordinary.
  • GamesRadar - 2.5/5: Gaming owes a lot to James Cameron's Aliens films, but despite having its DNA present in just about every science fiction game ever made, Aliens has struggled to get a proper one of its own in the past decade. Aliens: Colonial Marines continues this disappointing trend, making for an experience that's more Aliens: Resurrection than it is Aliens.
  • PC Gamer - 48/100: A middling shooter with a wildly inconsistent tone. Decent multiplayer is hindered by questionable longevity.
  • Eurogamer - 3: Even if it were polished to an acceptable, 2013-standard AAA shine, Colonial Marines would still only be a generic effort coasting on borrowed iconography. Weighed down by so many grindingly obvious mechanical issues, it never even gets off the ground. For a game all about exterminating bugs, it's a fatal irony.
  • IGN - 4.5: Aliens: Colonial Marines is an uninspired and unfinished game, and not remotely worthy as a sequel to the Aliens film.
  • Destructoid - 2.5: A disaster. Any good qualities it might have had are quickly swallowed up by glitches, poor design choices or a plethora of other issues. The desperate or the gullible may find a glimmer of fun hidden somewhere in the pit.
  • VideoGamer - 3: Colonial Marines is an uninspired, cynical cash grab with Syd Mead's and James Cameron's legendary designs propping it up.

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Just think yourself lucky you don't buy all your games on PC.

Pfft. I've got Shellshock 2 on my Steam list, not compares to that awfulness, not even Alien Coloniel Marines as I at least don't feel like stabbing myself through the heart when playing CM

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