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The Ultimate Burger

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Yeah, good - I'm not a connoisseur but they're all pretty tasty, especially their Pioneer IPA and Peckham Pils.  They've kind of turned into a full-on open air bar rather than a tap room so I don't really go there that often any more, but it's definitely worth a trip!

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The Americans really are on a whole other level to us when it comes to burgers aren't they? I've eaten a lot of expensive gourmet burgers in London and around the UK, including a lot of the favourites that get mentioned here a lot , and some of them have been very nice, but the yanks just kick our arses all over the shop. Even their chains (McDonalds/ BK excluded of course)


Current favourite is BurgerFi which I've discovered in Atlanta this week - just finished demolishing this ...





CEO Burger - two Wagyu patties, brisket, swiss cheese, candied bacon/tomato jam, garlic truffle aioli sauce. Amazing. 


In California I fell in love with In-n-Out burger -




Anything else I should check out? Am in New York at the end of the month for a week. 








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Another vote for Almost Famous from me and I'd say Nation of Shopkeepers is worth a visit too. They've got good burgers (and chicken that whilst I've not sampled it comes very highly recommended by a rather hard to please friend of mine), a good selection of beers and there's a nice vibe about the place too. 



Personally I don't really rate Boss Burgers. The first time I went (Hyde Park) it was quite nice (if a bit greasy) so I gave it another go (Chapel Allerton this time) and it was pretty much the same, nice, but nothing to get overly excited about. Furthermore the fries were lukewarm and largely undercooked (I hate raw chips too) and the bacon was fatty beyond belief. Hopefully I was just a bit unlucky, fingers crossed that you have a better experience. 

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From my experience of it (1 visit), the Chapel A branch isn't nearly as good as the Hyde Park Boss Burgers, which I've been to a bunch of times.


The one in Hyde Park is a grubby hole in the wall with good chips. The Chapel A one is a bit ponced up with bad chips and antipasti. Or was.

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On 10 October 2016 at 18:53, One Eye said:

The burgers in the Belgrave are great. My personal faves in Leeds. Cheaper than the more ummm 'creative' offerings in other places too.


Been in the Belgrave tonight and yeah, the burgers are fucking great gotta be in my top 3 easily. And buy one get another for £1 is the icing on the cake. Also recommend the "session fries" too

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On 04/12/2016 at 10:43, bradigor said:

A Byron has opened in Chelmsford. Not going to lie it was shit.


Much prefered the Hand Made Burger Co we had a few weeks previous.


The fries were a huge let down. Essentially McCains with a seasoning. 



Wow that must be shit. We gave one now in Brum. I haven't been but shall avoid. 

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