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The Everton FC thread - Brace for another season in the prem. Taraabit Burnley you six fingered mutants. :)


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Any chance we may have ended up with Owen surely (and hopefully) disappeared with the signing of Mirallas.

Well that was thing thing, it was something like the BBC Liverpool sports editor who mentioned it, this morning, with no mention of Mirallas. I know it's the BBC, but fucking hell.

Also, Felaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Delayed reaction due to being out at the in-laws wedding anniversary meal (does anyone else do this? like, every year?), so was recieving text updates virtually by the minute from a mate. My pocket was vibrating so much I was concerned I was forming an erection, something which fully bore fruit on receipt of the Fellaini text :) After which things duly switched to the usual arse clenching that's the result of any last 20 minutes or so of an Everton game.

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He was magnificent in every conceivable way. Terrorising up top and working like a trojan non stop getting tackles in and tracking back when required until he came off with 5 to go

Summed up fairly succinctly in the United thread

Fellaini took the piss all night. He mauled and dominated Carrick, scored then stepped 20 yards back and took the piss out of Cleverley/ Scholes.

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Indeed nasty news, fingers crossed though.

So, on to this weekend. How do we feel about Villa away. Normally this'd have 0-0,1-1 or 0-1 written all over it but for the first time in a dozen seasons there's a good feeling around being a blue. Prediction: 3-0 Jelli 2, Peanuts 1.

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Yeah, I'd be surprised if there was more then one goal in it, and I'd expect them to get it if anything. You never know though, depends on who's in the team, Naismith and Mirallas will be in the squad at least which might be interesting. Anyway, here's some shit facts from the Everton website:

  • 2 Times in the Premier League era Everton have won their opening two fixtures - in 1993/94 and 2007/08.
  • 6 Games drawn out of the last seven matches played between Everton and Aston Villa. The Blues have led in five of those contests.
  • 10 Everton’s current unbeaten run in the league – one short of our Premier League record set at the end of the 2009/10 campaign.
  • 12 League games without a win against Villa, the longest such run against any side in the Premier League. Our last victory was by a 4-1 scoreline at Goodison in March 2006, although we did beat them 3-1 in the FA Cup in February 2009.
  • 28 Darron Gibson’s current run of unbeaten matches in the Premier League - 16 with Manchester United and all 12 the midfielder has played with Everton. The run stretches back to April 2010.
  • 49 Career goals in all competitions for Leon Osman - 43 at Everton and three apiece at both Carlisle and Derby while on loan. Aston Villa are the midfielder’s favourite opponents – he has notched five against the Midlands outfit. Ossie also needs one more appearance to reach 250 in the Premier League for the Toffees.
  • 99 Away wins for Everton in the Premier League.
  • 110 Seasons Everton have spent in the top flight. Aston Villa are the only other team with a century of campaigns. This is their 102nd season.
  • 194 League matches between the two sides. All have been in the top flight and it remains the most played league fixture in English football history. Villa have won 72 and Everton 70.
  • Leon Osman notches one of five career goals against Saturday's opponentsLeon Osman notches one of five career goals against Saturday's opponents
  • 199 Wins in all competitions by Everton under the management of David Moyes.
  • 299 Everton league goals against Aston Villa.

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Some wag in the Arsenal thread reckoned he didn't go there because we offered more money. How is this possible?! What money?! I'd like to think he was just seduced more by Fellaini's sweet barnet and velvet tones than Vermaelen's hard stare and deep growl tactics. Anyway, here's hoping he can do the same against teams 60 places or so further up the league :)

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My snap back to reality prediction came 1 game later than I thought.

Hard not to be frustrated at getting nothing against a team like WBA when we had played so well in league and cup games to that point but still, it normally takes us until mid November to get the first 6 points!

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Comprehensively beaten once Gibson went off although it could've been so different if Felli had bagged his chance 30 seconds before Long gave them the lead.

Interesting to hear Moyes take the blame on MOTD saying he decided to go for the win with the scores at 0-0 and it backfired this time. Refreshing to see us chasing max points away from home rather than settling for a point

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Not my favourite news of the weekend

"In January, or at the end of the season, I will look for another club or league."

Marouane Fellaini

He just signed a 5 year contract last November iirc so I guess it'll be up to us but if the price is right then he'll go I suppose

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@Everton Guys, just want to remind you that I'm very happy in Everton and now very concentrated for national team game! Thanks

Dunno whether somebody has had a word with him to prompt the tweet, but he isn't looking to leave right now by the sounds of it. I'd imagine he has had several offers given his form at the back end of last season and the beginning of this. Manchester United need a central midfielder, so having him tear them a new one on the opening weekend would have definitely piqued their interest.

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  • ventress changed the title to The Everton FC thread - Brace for another season in the prem. Taraabit Burnley you six fingered mutants. :)

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