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Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn


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Is anyone playing this?

Didn't even realise it was out until I popped into HMV at lunch time. I played the first GBA version and found it fun, but frustratingly hard, especially as once your units are dead they're dead for the rest of the game. I remember constantly having to restart missions because a single character that I had leveled up would die and I didn't want to continue the game without him/her.

What's this new one like then? My mate is playing through the GC version and loving it, wondered if much has changed since the GBA days.

A quick look on wikipedia and apparently this installment is incredibly difficult... so it's not looking good.

Anyone got it? Playing it?

PS - I searched for a thread but couldn't find one, so this is THE ONE THREAD.

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Tried the first GBA one. Found it too hard to be fun, so gave up on the series entirely.

However, I am strangely tempted by the Wii version. I just know that the reason I don't enjoy the games is my fault. The game's fine. I'm just rubbish.

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I've got it, I picked up the US version before Christmas but only got through the first 9 or 10 missions before I got bogged down with all the other games I had to play and I've yet to return to it.

I've not played a Fire Emblem game before but it seems to be standard turn based strategy fare. If you like that sort of thing then you should lap it up, although it doesn't make any use of the pointer so there's nothing gained by it being on the Wii.

I was rather engrossed in it for a few days before getting sidetracked (by Mario Galaxy I believe) and I've not got back to it yet as it is going to require a considerable time commitment that I can't give it at the moment.

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The Fire Emblem Wii thread is on page 1 or 2 of discusssion :)

It's still the same FE game. Unit tactics battle, where you keep the units and level up each map. If a unit is defeated it is "gone forever" from your army. Requires some pretty good tactical thinking.

This pretty continues the story of the GC version (3 years later...). But it's a new story, you wont need to play the GC to understand. Laquz (shapechanges) are still there, but not quite as useless as last time.

It's very hard. I've done the 2 GBA and the GC version (Normal on all) and Normal on this had my failing on Chapter 1. I got to chapter 3 before it got too annoying. Far too much "1 hitting" by enemies.

Restarted on Easy - it's a bit too easy tbh (up to chapter 6). Hopefully it gets bit harder later on.

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Picked this up on the way home from a residential today and just firing up normal mode after playing a chunk of Sacred Stones while I was at it. Intro is very smart, don't know if I'll like this all 3D and such, or if I will just weep that Shining Force never went this way.

Is the GC version worth tracking down?


That is all.

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