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Sonic Unleashed


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I'm a huge fan of the Sonic series, but please, fuck off Sonic, you've been shit for years. The shots look alright enough, but we all know it'll be awful (EDIT: Actually, it looks more like a new Prince of Persia game :wub: ).

They should really rethink Sonic in 3D and take it right back to its 16-bit origins- bright, fantastical stages with multiple routes, interesting bad guys with a Dr Robotnik-created contraption at the end, less playable characters, no rubbish story and a complete overhaul of the control scheme, which is far too 'angular' and awkward. But most of all, it needs to be fun.

But, y'know, we all know that ain't going to happen. The latest game was dreadful.

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This picture is conculsive, irrefutable proof that this game is going to be as rubbish as the last few.

Yes, jumping over or running between wooden crates in an otherwise empty street doesn't come across as particularly inspiring even by recent Sonic standards.

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I didn't actually mind the shots in the first post; reminded me a bit of the DC games, but shinier.

But then you have that "dark" bollocks in the second post; the same stuff that ruined the 360 game...

Regardless, it'll be crap. :wub:

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.::: You honestly believe they'll work like that in Unleashed? :wub:

I can exclusively reveal that the crates in Unleashed are going to contain drugs, which is why you have to avoid them.

You see Sonic has become hooked on Speed — which could be construed as ironic, but is really something that's been hinted at throughout the series. Suddenly all the bright colours and chirpy-voiced animals make sense now, right? Anyway, the 'werehedgehog' Sonic shown on the last page is a representation of monster that narcotics has turned him into, and were-Sonic's levels play a lot like Devil May Cry mixed with GTA, with the player roaming the streets of a dark city mugging civilians for their rings before heading back home to beat Sonic's wife, Amy.

The other half of the game plays a lot like Sonic and The Secret Rings sans the Wiimote control. However, the more crates of amphetamines you collide with the more drugged up Sonic gets, and consequently the shorter your time limit during the were-Sonic levels. Only by completing objectives in the dark world can you gradually sort Sonic's life out, and the quicker you manage to coax him off his addiction the better an ending you get.

It's all very deep, really.

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