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The Apprentice - Wed BBC1 9pm


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It's common knowledge that the offices you see in the show are rented specifically for the purpose of the show.

Yeah, but the point I was making was that to the uninformed (i.e. American), they would believe the show took place in that large tower in Canary Wharf.

Bloody television lies!

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Have just watched this and wasn't that surprised.

I wonder if Sir Alan thought that Claire would just fuck off to Heat magazine or something after a week or two, whereas Lee actually seems to want the job more than the celebrity.

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Good final. I didn't mind who won out of Lee and Claire, but I think Lee "needed" it more. Claire will do just fine.

You are Alan Sugar and I claim my £5 (I just watched You're Hired and that's pretty much exactly what he said). I thought he'd made totally the wrong decision at first, but hearing him speak about Lee and Claire on that show changed my mind. He seemed really affectionate towards them both, especially Claire.

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