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Update thy 360 Dashboard


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October 2012 update

Finally a freakin web browser!


October 2011 update


November 2010 update


April 6th 2010 update:

USB Memory Support

Facebook, Last.fm & Twitter



Please fill out the Sign up Survey to be considered for the Preview program!

We are very excited to have you participate in the program; however, there are some important things to keep in mind:

We can only enroll participants from regions where Xbox LIVE is officially supported. Do not sign up unless Xbox LIVE is officially available and supported in your region.

Completing the Sign up Survey does not automatically enroll you in the Preview Program. To ensure a good cross section of LIVE members, we'll review completed surveys and make our selections based on variables such as region and connection type.

Do not apply more than once. It will not increase your chances of being registered into the preview program.

To be considered for the program, you must complete the survey and provide your 12 digit Console ID. If your Console ID is not correct, you will not be chosen to participate.

To register, you will need your Gamertag and Xbox 360 Console ID.

If you do not know how to obtain your Console ID, please read this article.



Q - The NXE is shit, can I get the old Blades interface back?

A - No

Q - How do I show my avatar / gamerpic on a website?

A - Make an avatar (duh) and gamerpic and then use the following URLs




I think that these only work in IE

Q - What can I do with my avatar?

A - You can:

Press the Right Stick to make your Avatar burp.

move your head in different positions while you burp to get different burp sounds.

Wiggle the right stick left & right to do an angry face.

Spin the right stick for that face you put the pic of.

Wiggle the right stick up & down for a sort of smiley face.

Use left button to switch between different emotions.

Use the right button to keep opening your mouth.

Hold either trigger & he'll get dizzy after spinning round.

Use the Right Stick to pull your Avatar's head back then quickly flick it forward; your Avatar will 'bump its head against the screen'.

Q - My friend has purple hair - WTF?

A - If you hang around on the hair colour screen without pressing any buttons, you get new colours to choose from.

Q - Can I see all the rllmuk avatars anywhere?

A - http://www.evilwallp....co.uk/avatars/

Q - How do I rip a game to the hard drive?

A - Put the game in the disc drive and hit Y

Q - Do I still need the disc after I have ripped it?

A - Yes, you need the disc in the DVD drive to play the game from the hard drive.

Q - Can I rip a game to my hard drive and then use that hard drive on another 360? (With the disk in the DVD drive)

A - No

Q - Tell me more about ripping games to the hard drive

A - http://www.rllmukfor...howtopic=196933

Q - How do I make photosharing work?

A - You need to download the application from marketplace.

Q - What PC resolutions does the NXE now support?

A - It supports the following:

640 x 480

848 x 480

1024 x 768

1280 x 720

1280 x 768

1280 x 1024

1360 x 768

1440 x 900 (LB)

1680 x 1050 (LB)

1920 x 1080

(LB) = Letterboxed. Black borders top and bottom to preserve the correct aspect ratio

Q - Can I change a setting so that I can see myxbox instead of Spotlight when I turn my 360 on?

A - No

Q - Is the NXE installed on my hard drive or on my 360?

A - It is installed on your 360. If you take your hard drive off you will still have the NXE dashboard. However the installation files are still stored on the hard drive and it will update any 360 that you attach it to (If not already updated.)

Q - Are there any games that cannot be ripped to hard drive?

A - yes, Crackdown, Big Bumpin', DoA Extreme 2, Pocket Bike Racers, Sneak King and Pure <_< . In addition Halo 3 can be ripped to the hard drive but actually performs worse due to the way that the disc caches data.

Q - Where do I go to queue up videos and stuff on the web?

A - http://marketplace.xbox.com

Q - Can I rip xbox1 games to the hard drive?

A - No

Q - How do you check your download history on the NXE?

A - Go to your gamercard and select Manage Account, Download History.

Q - Can I get rid of games from my played games list?

A - You can delete them from your played games list if the game has 0 Gamerscore. Highlight it and press 'X'.

Thx to multiple posters in this here thread for these Qs & As!

(Original post)

Following on from an older thread

What would people like to see in the May 08 dash update?

The last update brought xvid support and the one before that MSN messenger.

What would you like to see?

my list (mostly a reiteration):

web browser (yea right)

clan support in the dash

16:10 support over VGA

web access to dashboard (remote kick off of marketplace stuff)

NTFS support

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A web browser (which supports all the usual video formats)

Proper Live Arcade blade

More codec support

Though I suppose what I'd really like is the complete overhaul that MS was hinting at a few months ago. As I recall, they didn't give enough of a hint as to whether it was scheduled for the next console or the 360.

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Ive only had my 360 for 3 weeks and have a few....

1. ability to accept game invite / voice chat invite at the touch of the X button (maybe while the pop-up is onscreen) not having to go into menus etc.

2. Group Chat, 1on1 is shit and although ive muted non-friends, i dont want to ruin their game by having me slobbering away in their game.

3. Ability to install games on the Hard Drive. The console is too noisy, and i have an elite. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me play games off the hard drive, keep the dvd in the drive i don't care just give me some peace at night when im trying to have a chilled out game.

EDIT: re number 3 - i get the feeling both MS and Sony could do this and are either going to do it as soon as the other one does it (a la divx) or maybe its just too risky for piracy. It would increase the quality of my life immensely!

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1. ability to accept game invite / voice chat invite at the touch of the X button (maybe while the pop-up is onscreen) not having to go into menus etc.

Wouldn't work.

It's annoying enough (for example) when playing FIFA or Pro Evo and the notification covers up the radar, imagine if it also prevented you from being able to shoot (with the X button).

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But sure pressing the guide button when a pop-up appears on screen brings you straight to the option i.e. <gamertag> wants to chat, press guide button, blade comes across allowing you to accept/decline the invite. 2 button presses.

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A fully realised 3D space to interact in where I can have a room full of my achievements and I can walk around a shopping mall and meet my buddies before launching a game together.


Just wait till this Thursday!

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I would like it to run a LOT smoother, so as soon as you press guide button the menu slides in, not hang for a second then appear. I wish the text input was displayed like a keyboard not in alphabetical order.

Web browser would be nice, I have no idea why they are reluctant to do this. Also, DivX support through WMC (although I have started to use my PS3 for my media streaming needs <_<)

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