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Car boots, charity shops and amazing retro finds from your loft

Cecil Kay

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Having said that, the thing with boot sales is just all about luck, being at the right stall at the right time. I've actually had some of my best finds quite late in the day.

The traders will move from boot sale to boot sale trying to hit as many as they can in a day. The means if you hang around you'll be able to pick from the latecomers and also the people that have overpriced their stuff and are willing to take a more realistic price. Do a speed pass like the traders for whole collections and then do a slow and detailed pass for the stuff they will have missed. Often you'll find Game and watches in a bunch of girl stuff tables that the traders have missed.

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Really poor show from todays.. however had a great non-videogaming find


Fully complete (and mint condition) copy of Hotel for £3.

Been after a copy of this for months, and came close to buying a copy from forumites on a number of occasions. It holds some great board gaming memories, so yeah really pleased.

Other than that I got bugger all today

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haha, what's the lolz for? I've not played yu-gi-oh and don't really know anything about it as a game

I think its going to depend a lot on how old you are.Kids seem to love the cartoons of that and that bakugan one.If youre 28 years old however...

A few weeks back I found a few great things.Some of which I was actually looking out for such as an old Buccaneer set with the proper barrels and jewels and pearls.08092012451_zpsd5f79072.jpg

The andy goldsworthy book is fantastic . He does the sculptures/patterns from ice/leaves and mud from the look of the cover.ONE POUND!! Big fan of that stuff so was dead happy. Well worth googling if not familiar.

Mug-o-drive was six quid with those games. all works fine.

Ghost squad wii was one pound

bill and ted one pound

evil dead 3 was a quid too . double disk edition too :D

Gameboy micro 6 quid. needed a new faceplate and usb charger but after buying those off ebay comes to 13 quid. Plus shrek 2... anyone want to swapsies!?

Lidl bread about 1.20

other books 50 p each.

This week I found this chap ("Awiiide pump it up!") looks like he's from a US lego basket ball set.has springy legs and arms move in increments a bit like the new 3ds xl hinge.


Also found a set of 2 ps1s with 3 pads ( 2 analogue) and a n64 controller adapter and infinite copied games for a fiver.

There was a fat old ps2 for 35 quid with about 30 games that I had to pass on cos of having no hands left :( . the games looked a bit naff though so probably a good thing it was left.

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Beautiful morning in Aberdeenshire

5 Boxed N64 games in very nice condition, each game has a cart baggy :) £13 the lot

Buy of the day was the football, needs inflated, never been kicked, cost £1, ebay suggests its worth £30+ so guess where it's going :)


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no games this week for me, but I got stuff the past two weeks that I havent posted yet :)

met pinkspider up doing a stall the week before last, was great seeing you man! And thanks for the zelda bits :)


PSP 2000 series with games/UMD: £12

Xbox games £1 each

fallout new vegas PS3 collectors edition sealed complete £10

Wireless adaptor N: £2

Xbox 360 controller: £3

gamecube games, xbox, etc below fallout: 50p each

heroquest x2 £2 each (all the bits are scattered between two boxes, need to have a proper sort of them)

the dig big box, zelda/mario bits, soundtracks and red VMU: £6 off of pinkspider (thanks man! still have those street fighter mags if youre interested)

and last week's haul!


SNES with 3 games £15

PS1 games £1 each

Professor layton set (minus the first) £10

game boy color/advance lot £10

boxed playstation mouse with all baggies: £3

sealed sonic rush DS (picture has flashed it out) £1

G1 transformers megatron puzzle (the artwork is stellar) £1

but my dad was the true winner...he went to a different booty than me and picked up this gem of a lot for £20...


I managed to pry this away from him, but he said he's either gonna keep or sell the rest. Jammy bugger!


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Rain,Rain,Rain today.The two small boots we made it to today proved a waste of time,but the bacon roll and cuppa splosh were good.Did better yesterday.Picked up a C64 complete with tape player,all leads and a few copied games,plus three Saturn games,Virtua fighter,Sega Rally and Command and Conquer ,for twenty quid.Also got official Battlefield 3 guide for £2.50,Silent Hill The Room,Resi Code Veronica and Red Dead Revolver for a pound each.Sorry no pic's,posting from Blackberry.

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Just picked up a Speccy Plus 2 this morning and a box full of original games (from a yard / street sale) the weather was amazing and it was my old neighbourhood, so was fun to walk round all the streets where I grew up, plus the bonus of getting the speccy and some other games was well worth the visit to mums :)

Gonna go plug it in now, see if the sound of a cassette loading will upset the missus, lying on the sofa with a hang over :P


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What are the chances that a good 7 out of 10 games I have tried are duff? Is it likely that they have deteriorated over time or could it be the machine?

I have had the casette mech out and cleaned all the heads etc, if a game loads, it loads a second and third time, if it doesnt, then it won't load at all, so hoping it is the casettes and not the machine, but any advice is gladly accepted :)

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Thanks mate :)

It seems to me that it is the tapes, the sound is off on the ones that don't load, sort of like they have been stretched over time, the ones that load fine are at the correct tempo / pitch from what I remember speccy games sounding like back in the day :)

Might go through a few more tomorrow, but got jaffed off with umpteen million of them not going.

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