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Car boots, charity shops and amazing retro finds from your loft

Cecil Kay

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Got this for free today...


GBA Micro Famicom Mario 20th anniversary special edition thingy. New / unused, box is a little tatty, but for free I can't complain ;)

Was a gift from a friend. The mate who's living over in Saudi at the moment found four of them just sat there in some random shop. Says he asked how much they were and they didn't seem interested in selling them, but he went back again another day and hassled them some more so they came up with a price and he bought them all, something under £10 each.

Looking on ebay they go for £100+ :o

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I just spent the last half hour there disabling the lockout chip on an old NES I picked up for a fiver. I had planned on refurbishing it and chucking it on ebay, but my five year old son has claimed it. Bought him a new pad for it (he's not putting his sticky hands all over my old NES pads, he is getting a cheap TTX pad) and dug out an old mutlivolt adaptor and scart for it. He has had the best time ever playing Super Mario Bros 3 on it despite the picture looking horrible on our Sony HD telly. I have Bio Senshi Dan en route for me to have a blast at too...

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Not a bad turnout today considering the weather. Got this lot:null_zpsfe43f5d1.jpg

N64 - £10

PC & PS1 Games - £1 each

DS Games - £2.50 each

Count Duckula Sealed Boxset - £2.00

Can't wait to watch Duckula with my Daughter, so many fond memories :)

I found a Gundam battle assault as well today !

And a pandemonium 2 + decap attack for the MD

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...and I got a Pandemonium 2 last week.. Jinx ;)

As for Warcraft 3, played the hell out of it years ago (although never got around to trying the expansion), and these were in fine condition so thought what the hell.

I play wc3 on battle.net very regularly, probably because it's the only online game where I can actually dominate most players. Fancy a game? :P
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Loving the big box Speccy stuff.. Don't suppose Forgotten Worlds is a duplicate? I've been after a copy (only got the Kixx/budget release).

...and cheeseburger cheers for the offer on a WC3 game but the use of the word Dominate has scared me off a little.. I was crap back then and certainly won't have improved with age ;)

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