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Car boots, charity shops and amazing retro finds from your loft

Cecil Kay

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12 minutes ago, MagicalDrop said:

First bootsale as a buyer for several years for me today. Made beginner's error of sticking to the quoted start time to find the field well established and the car park busy. So I've no idea if anything decent had been there, it would've been long gone. A disappointingly high ratio of regular sellers / traders too. 


Did find 30 used minidiscs which I bought for £12 and bought 4 CDs for a pound, including a nice tour hardback edition of the Stones' Forty Licks. 


Gaming wise, very little to be seen. I suspect the rise of Facebook marketplace to be a big factor here, unless of course it was all snapped up early on. 


Beautiful morning for a mooch though. 


I picked up a vgc boxed Sony MZ-N710 boxed recently. It had two sealed Sharp minidiscs in too. Lovely kit, seems to be able to play mp3s too. 

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Today was a failure on the gaming front, gta liberty city on PSP and doom for x1, £1 each.

did hop out of the car as soon as I got there though, as spotted a couple of DJ controllers, a pioneer ddj sb2 and numark n4, got the pair for £30, already set the sb2 up and had a play in rekordbox with it, they’re both for Serato, but this one worked with the alternative software, likely to keep it and shift the N4, once I’ve got it all tested.

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Stopped off at carboot after 11 so wasn't expecting to find anything decent. And didn't. Did get Guitar Hero On Tour and Decades with grip for £6. Not the best price but always been curious to try it. 


No idea where my DS is though 

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Loads of 360 stuff at ours today and not much else.


I did get a box with a wii and games in it and an “untested” (probably fucked) PS4, but will be fun to see if I can revive it.


Also someone was selling their car  boot, plus the rest of it.



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This morning finds:


50p each on PS2

Burnout revenge X2 

Sonic mega collection

R Type Final


Wired Xbox 360 star wars controller £3



Xbox one kinect sensor £1


MacBook air 2009 + psu £25 (rough shape, screens dying, worth more as scrap honestly)


And another Facebook find, 360 bundle, 37 games + a slim console and 2 pads (NO FIFAS!!!) £30

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It is a gorgeous looking cart and box; my (complete) copy takes pride in my collection, despite costing me all of, er, £6 back in 2013. Evidently prices have gone up a little since then!


In other, loft-related news — albeit not my own — this weekend I visited a friend (quite the novelty, as of last March...); they've been through a break-up some months back, and amongst other things no longer have a PS4. So I offered them my PS4 Pro; they refused to take it for free, I refused to take payment for it, but then they mentioned they were throwing out some retro things and we agreed to swap.


I expected nothing much, and indeed that's what I got — a plastic bag containing a very grotty black Gamecube plus its cables, and a stack of worn, low-value Playstation games (Crash Bandicoots, Wipeout etc.)... and, to my very great astonishment, this:




No manual, but blimey. I didn't realise how rare it was until I looked it up; was expecting a £30 game or so, not, well... Feels like I may have actually got the better side of the trade!

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Patiently waiting for more boots to reopen here in Wales, any longer and I'll have to resort to crossing the border. There's one left running in Cardiff but that's closing in 12 months due to the land being sold, the other large one has yet to reopen under a new management. 


Today's find was a Xbox 360 S 4gb with skate 3 in the drive for £10 and a very meagre selection of 360 and PS2 games thrown in, nothing of note today. 


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34 minutes ago, bradigor said:

Anyone done any of these?




Saddlers Farm 

Or any others Chelmsford to Basildon based.


Need a recommendation for tomorrow





Boreham is supposed to be quite good, it's "just" too far for me to venture out to, but reports are it's OK, no first hand experience though, sorry.

Ardleigh isn't a huge distance from your way, and it is usually massive.

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Moved house and now have fresh pickings!


Board games all complete 


Blue Lagoon £4

7 Wonders £3

13 Ghosts £1

Exploding Kittens NSFW edition (not pictured) £1

Games all sealed £1 each


I was surprised to find sealed switch games!


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Is it just me finding stuff?


Not bargains, but picked up complete boxed copies of Mario is Missing on SNES and Diddy Kong Racing on N64 for £15 each and also a slim PS2 with two controllers and a few memory cards for £25 yesterday. My first SNES and N64 finds in a charity shop!

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