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GTA:IV preorders, shipping, shop dates, times etc


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CUNT!!!! It was a fucking book.


I got in this morning to see a box from Amazon on the table.

It was a watch I got for my Mum.

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Shirley, some high-streeter or supermarket is gonna have gonads big enough to flaunt the release date today?

(I'm assuming, based on seeing someone explain why breaking release dates is frowned upon in another thread, that sales per week are all that matter, and that the release date is so that the initial rush of sales all fall in the same week. I'm hoping that therefore, now we're into the actual release week, no one will give too much of a fuck if the launch date is broken...(yes, I know, straws...grasping...at))

I'd particularly like some fucker to sell it to me in town today, cos I'm out tomorrow night :lol: Goddam social life. I'm going to kill it.

So, anyone had a trundle into town yet?

Was impressed on Friday, when even the most fuckwitty-looking member of lowly Woolworths knew not to sell it to me.

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Never mind being envious of people who've received their copies a day early, I'm more envious of you people who receive post this early in the morning.

My postie doesn't come until 11:30 at the earliest, and sometimes after midday.

Mine rarely comes before 3pm, and when he does come he usually just delivers 'sorry we missed you' notes. I've confronted him a few times asking him where the fuck the corresponding parcel is and he just runs off.

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Oh I really feel for you Ste.

Don't waste your pity. I selected '2nd Class Postage' with my order to save a couple of quid. I'll be lucky to get it this week.

Game in Stockport , Manchester and Buxton are, as far as im aware for people around that area. Roll on tonight, although im not sure about been in Buxton at midnight on a Monday. :lol:

A damn sight safer than Manchester or Stockport!

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