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GTA:IV preorders, shipping, shop dates, times etc


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Well it did seem pretty unreasonable. It's not like it'd be hard to sell my copy if i didn't show up. And if you're asking about it in the first place you're obviously going to show up!

Its a tough one to gauge. I went along to asda to grab the last harry potter book at their midnight launch and the queue went around the whole store, it was mental, I've not seen anything like it. Doubt this'll be on a similar scale but you never know.

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Rex baby. What I'm saying is all that the online preorder lot dreaming that this may turn up today, conveniently forgot that they were emailed and told that the companies weren't allowed to deliver before Tuesday because they signed a declaimer to that fact. I'm agreeing you with.

I didn't get such an email from gameplay. All I got was one saying it was posted fri. Obviously I know about the embargo but not through them.

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Asda Dundee wouldn't let me reserve one for midnight. Said it's first come first serve and the phone's been ringing all day about the game. Doesn't sound too promising....

There is so many Dundee folk on this board!

I'm going to the Midnight opening at Gamestation....yah!

Knowing my luck i'll get mugged or something.

(touch wood)

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Dear Mr DangerM

Thank you for placing an order with zavvi on 18-03-2008. Your order number is 00000000. The following Item(s) you recently ordered from zavvi are now on their way to you.

Product Name: Grand Theft Auto IV [special Edition]

Price Each: £58.00

Qty: 1

Total Price : £58.00

Status: Dispatched

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Nope I'm in the same depressing 30th April boat as you. I'm hoping its them being pessimistic.

My delivery estimate from Amazon is the 29th. . .although I am still worried it won't turn up :wub:

Maybe its to do with when you placed your order? Mine was placed on the 13th of February.

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Just had a quick look at the avforums, seems like people are already starting to que at some braches of Tesco.

Madness. :wub:

So did all the HMV Special Delivery's come today or is it like I thought that they're only being posted today?

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Well after I got the phone call about my Shopto Special Edition being delayed until Thursday, I changed my order to the standard edition (as I've still got my Play Special Edition coming) and got a txt message 20 mins later to say my standard edition one was on it's way to me!

So I should have it tomorrow at least.. I hope..

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More info for those not overloaded yet. Just got this:

Your order #0xx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx (received xx-April-2008)


Ordered Title Price Dispatched Subtotal


Amazon.co.uk items (Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.):

1 Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox ... £37.98 1 £37.98

Shipped via Royal Mail (estimated arrival date: 03-May-2008).

Placed my pre-order late, but surely 5-6 days to deliver is crazy. Especially as I have Amazon Prime.

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So to sum up - Zavvi shipped all their orders? So lots of ppl have got the game?

My GP one was "shipped" Saturday but its not hear yet.

Anyway - was away all weekend with the girl, and now im busy! No time for slacking with GTA :wub:

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