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Formula 1 - Codemasters


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How come your MS wheel comes with 3 pedals? Can't believe MS have discontinued the wheel by the way. Most retarded thing ever considering the price of the Fanatec ones in comparison.

Awesome sized screen there by the way :) oh and while the wheelstand pro looks to be a great piece of kit, I reckon you have the more stable solution. I'd certainly prefer a small table like that if I had the space.

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-3 respect in less than a minute? Guys, come on! :(

And seriously, I won't even get around to playing it much over this week due to work. I just received it a week in advance for reviewing purposes, which means I'll more look into the various possibilities than actually play it on a hardcore level. Promise.

I'm still really, REALLY looking forward to next weekend, when the online craze starts :)

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If you won't get round to playing it much, why don't you hand it over to someone who will... such as myself? I have it on preorder, will be more than happy to send you mine when it arrives.

Meanwhile you can just mix and match words from the Edge and Eurogamer reviews.

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We definitely need some Destruction Derby type races. It would be a shame to miss out on all that attention to detail just because we have to 'race'.

Impossible in an F1 car. Once the wheels are off in an open car your buggered.

Game over. Finite. Bibosh!

Thats why, and you'll excuse my sarcasm, they don't tend to use em.

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Crazy talk, dayte.

Damage will be 'on' whenever I'm hosting. Plenty of carnage during races then, I suppose. :twisted:

Yeah, it friking will be with joe doing his shit. At least your a sportman. Joe doesn't care. He plays like some GT4 AI.

If your on his line, your fucked. The only saving grace is he'll damage his front wing, but we all know he can still win without one. He doesn't even need the front wheels. He's like the black knight.

"ah don't fret, i still have an engine!"

I might add Joe sounds much older then he looks. You netherlandrathals vocally age much quicker then pictures would suggest. Must all that salt in ya' sweets :P .

Thats why you can't get angry, you're evoltionarily incapable. Because you can't get your voice high enough.

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