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Nintendo E3 Conference: Done & Dusted

Major Britten

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I still don't understand what it does that the remote is supposed to do already?

Actual 1:1 motion. Your actions can much better be translated to in game controls. It is a shame that No More Heroes was released before this.

Wii Music looks appalling though - just waving the controllers around :D

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This isn't a poor man's Rock Band at all, it's a rich-man-who-is-actually-musically-competent's Rock Band.

Who wants that though? The whole reason Rock band is fun is you physically have a drum set there and a guitar, poncing around with a fucking wiimote pretending to play a saxaphone was gay when Mr Claypole did it and it's still gay now.

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Miyamoto looked a bit embarrassed playing Wii Music. Which he should be.

Wasn't expecting much, and Wii Sports Resort is nice (was expecting a lot more titles like that), but I was still a bit disappointed. How many games does Nintendo actually develop?

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