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Freeleech until 8am Wednesday UK time!

I feel it deserves its own thread. It's so much better than Waffles for me, they have more users and more torrents. Could well be better than Oink in time. Uses different software to Waffles and it's really nicely set out, and far quicker than waffles or oink ever are/were. Also, top 10 for non power users. Brilliant.

My ratio is only 0.27 at the moment so no invites I'm afraid. The freeleech should knock me up nicely though. :(

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I can't beleive I gave you a Waffles invite when you were already on this.

Greedy cunt.

I got that before. I was extremely grateful at the time. You really hate me nowadays joe. Joeeeeeeee.

You're first on my list when I get invites!

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This is like the people on the rich estate, with gardens backing onto the poor kids, throwing empty champagne bottles over the fence.

Except the people on the rich estate could get a knock on the door at any moment, and get randomly rounded up and put in concentration camps run by the BPI...

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