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Thanks again to futureshock to drawing my attention to this token offer. I signed up for what.cd recently but couldn't get anything to seed or find anything to upload that wasn't already on there. I was starting to feel like I was in a lapdancing club, so many beautiful things around but I couldn't get my hands on any of them!

Now I can download 50 FLAC albums and hopefully that will allow me to seed at least a little bit and get a respectable ratio. Perfect timing!

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This is the THIRD time since it started that I've been away from home during Freeleach.

Have a stole WIFI and 320GB Notebook to beast it on. Was really frustrating the downtime on FLTokens meaning I couldn't queue up stuff.

I've found the best way is to properly snipe discographys of artists you really love - get as many options as possible, especially the -10 people seeded torrents - and you'll quickly get three or four times as much uploaded.

Melt Banana (before my hard drive exploded) were responsible for about 1/4 of my 2009 uploads. Most of the torrents I would be the only person online, even though it was a lot of split 7" silliness it all counts and was appreciated by the downloader.

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Do I need to have been signed up for a certain amount of time before I can download anything? I can't seem to connect to any seeders for any of the five or six albums I've tried. I've tried switching off Peerblock in case it was causing problems but it hasn't made a difference. TV torrents are working as normal. Any ideas?

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If you ever want to check if the tracker is down the http://whatstatus.info/ is where to look.

It's down right now, hence you not being able to connect.

I presumed this must have been it but I've just got in and I'm still unable to connect despite the tracker being back up. If anybody has any idea of what the problem might be I'd appreciate any advice.

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