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Became a member by going through the IRC interview yesterday....woo.

Really have no idea how to keep my ratio up though. I've got a few very popular torrents seeding with hardly anyone uploading at all. Any tips?

Check if there is something in your collection that isn't up there. If you have something stick it up in FLAC and at least one lossy format. There might be something that is there but is only in mp3, upload the flac, or vice versa. Other than that just keep seeding. Leave your computer on with your bit torrent client open.

Some recommend jumping on popular torrents just to get the ratio up, I never did that though.

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It's worth picking up anything that's on Freeleech, there were a couple of staff picks over Christmas that had no ratio cost to download. I think there's a couple of What.CD compilations that are available on freeleech, comprised of music made by members - grab them in FLAC and V0 and it'll give you a bit of help.

Other than that and hebejebe's advice, seed 24/7. There's much more traffic after midnight when the US kicks into gear.

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Thanks. I have been seeding 24/7 on popular torrents but nothing's uploading. I didn't know about freeleeching, I'll check that.

Yeah, forgot about them doing some freeleaches. Hang in there, they sometimes turn on freeleach for everything, when that happens you'll see uploading for sure.

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I'm wondering if I've got some setting wrong, either in my router or in the BT client as it won't connect to any peers to upload (even if, say, there are only twice as many seeders as leechers, on a V popular torrent). Port is open and downloading is fast. Port is open for inbound services as well, I think.

Really off thread topic I know....but if anyone's got any ideas..?

Or is this normal?

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