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Call of Duty: World at War

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Finally got a 360 beta code yesterday. I had a few games and it seems pretty good, just not as good as cod4. I still want to buy it though so i dont think i'll bother playing the beta much before then. I don't want to get sick of it too soon.

Also ive got a pc beta code if anyone wants it.

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According to someone at NeoGAF the glitching on Roundhouse has been fixed.

Alas, it's probably too late. Already sick of the game, it's glitching, it's crap weapon balance and 'woolly' feeling guns. It's not a patch on COD4.

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I do hope they make another map pack.

Same, though it's surely unlikely. DLC support has been woeful really, one map pack in twelve months is just not good enough.

Interesting that they opened the Beta up to everyone - did they do this with COD4 as well? I suspect no fucker's playing it and gone back to COD4.

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After enjoying it initially it really is just CoD 4 rewound.

It's just a bit rubbish. That's what it is. I went back to COD4 the other night and it's like playing a completely different and still mind-blowingly mega-awesome super-game made with magic.

COD5's like COD4: Uncanny Valley edition. Looks almost the same, is pretty disgusting. I thank you.

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While a good game in it's own right, COD4 pisses on this from a great height, as I and most other people expected would be the case.

Once you're used to putting a hundred relatively accurate rounds a few hundred meters downrange, 60 shitty rounds slowly churning out of a machine gun with just isn't good enough. I know it's WWII and that has it's limitations (stop using it as a scenario for games for fuck sakes), but it just doesn't feel as good as COD4 either. And those cunting dogs...

Pre-order cancelled.

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I think everyone should get Left4Dead instead. It looks like it's going to be pretty special. Maybe it'll spark off a community like CoD4 did.

Certainly I'm much more excited about that than anything else still to come out this year. I've even got friends who never play online games interested in it. I just hope the matchgmaking/lobbies/network code stuff on the 360 is half-decent, unlike TF2. They have SAID it is.

CoD4 was the first multiplayer FPS I played so obsessively, and that I was ever half decent at. I still go back to it (and struggle a lot now). It's just digital crack. WaW Beta is more like digital diet coke or something.

(Does that fall foul of the drug discussion rule?!)

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