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Call of Duty: World at War


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I was playing quite a bit of Free-For-All/Deathmatch yesterday and got owned by tanks. 2 RPG shots aren't enough to make one explode, WTF :lol:

Maybe not removed in the PC version? Were you playing Hardcore? (if that is an option on the PC version)

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Yeah, the first Russian bit? I got this off Steam recently too, but managed to do that first go, no problems o_O Was I lucky?

It's kind of weird, as I've done it 'first go' on the PC and 360 before now. However you occasionally get stuck in a bizarre loop of instadeath, having to rely on either using your psychic powers to deduce which Window he'll appear in (and then dodge the oncoming bullet somehow) or waiting for him to get stuck grinding against the geometry for a bit and leave his gormless face accidentally poking out long enough for you to shoot him. At which point you're told 'you only grazed him' and then you start crying and die a little more inside.

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Just got this a couple of weeks ago cos it was the cheapest I'd ever seen it.

I'm OK at FPS games. I complete them, if only on normal. Never really have too much trouble. But this is fucking brutal. Is it? Or is it just me? I've redone some bits tens of times. I literally smashed a 6axis against the wall. Like, into pieces. Broken.

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It certainly feels that way. What's the 'official strategy' for taking them down? They seem to require excessive explosive damage.

there is a mesh cover on the tank's back (just below the turret) that can be blown off with the rpg, satchel charges or sticky bombs. after it is removed, it exposes an unarmoured portion of the tank which is supposedly much more susceptible to rounds and other explosives.

additionally, taking out one or both of the tank's treads using the rpg, satchel charges or sticky bombs will render it virtually immobile. leave it for the others in a free-for-all to detonate if you don't have anything left in your arsenal after taking out one or both treads.

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Finally bought this yesterday as CoD3 online is in its deaththows now, which is a bit of a shame to me.

It seems a lot more like Modern Warfare than CoD3, which is a shame. Also annoying that I can't take part in 'War' mode until I am a level 14. I paid for this, let me play how I want to play! :o

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Recently I've been going back to some of the Call of Duty games to finish them off on veteran (I've finished CoD2 and CoD4 so far). Anyway, I was doing well with WaW right up until the "Burn em out" level. It's horrible and a showcase for everything that's wrong with this game (most of which has been discussed before). The most annoying thing is the constant grenade spamming from the AI, you barely get a chance to move in some areas before you're surrounded by multiple grenades. Anyway, by taking a few days break in between checkpoints I managed to get through the level without it totally pissing me off... there were moments when I was close though.

I've seen a few comments on other forums saying that Burn Em Out is probably the most frustrating level, so hopefully I'm over the worst?

I want to finish this before MW2 since that is meant to be pretty easy. I sold CoD3 a long time ago, and it's the only one which I'm not intending to finish on vet since it's so broken!

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There were three bottleneck points I can remember from my WaW Vet run through that had me stuck for days each. Other than that it was relatively plain sailing.

One part was the bit you mentioned above - "Burn Em Out".

Assuming you've played the game through on Normal I'll try to describe the two other parts that were a right pita for me.

First: There's a level where you emerge from the desert fighting part of the game. The next level starts off with you walking with your troops... I remember it all kicks off and you begin next to a ruined truck. You run up a bit and you see a Japanese bunker opposite you. You can either go left or right up the hill. Either route seemed equally hard, though in the end I went right and got through eventually. The enemies here seemed to have sniper vision from about a mile away, and respawned infinitely. Your team-mates are bloody idiots too so you have to do all the killing.

Second: The level where you have to make your way up a Japanese fort - it has lots of long grass and men jumping up from the grass shooting at you. You do have your flamethrower here, I ended up just running a few feet spamming it and waiting for your team-mates to clear them out as you go. Bloody nightmare though, I lost count of the number of times I was the only guy left up against 20 or so enemies. Plus grenade spamming you mentioned returns with avengeance here.

Good luck!

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