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Kill bill


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Lee in marketing just got sent a copy of the kill bill 2 soundtrack, its come with this harsh letter from legal saying he cant play it on his PC, or when anyone else is present. Failure to comply will result in instant dismissal and possible prosecution. Whats more, his name is watermarked and printed in and on the disk

Whats the point when the song list is common knowledge anyway? Especially as there are no original pieces in the soundtrack.

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Why can't he play it on his PC? Is it just some silly precaution incase he's listening to it while browsing the Internet and then suddenly goes "Damn, I can't resist anymore! I must rip this CD and share it with the world!"

Seems a bit silly to me.

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Just signed off on this an hour ago. it's finally 100% finished! Talk about taking it right to the fucking wire. it was only a small grading issue thats taken so long but was a worry nevertheless.

The BBFC are seeing it at 10am tomorrow and then we start bulk printing.

And it's better than part 1, thats all i'm saying.

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Fan dabby dosey!

Is this like the american chapter then?

Seeing as michael madson, darryl hannah and bill are all americans.

Can we expect copious gun play instead of sword action?

Given the nature of Carradine's 'Bill' I presume there will be plenty of sword play - given that he seeminly trained the thurman character.

If the dialouge gets better, less stilted, I'd appreciate it.

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There's way, way more dialogue in this one and less action. There's a new, well-written review up at AICN that says it's not perfect but is ultimately positive.

"So, Uma fans, dig in. Kung-fu fans, you might considering waiting for DVD so you can fast forward. But really, if you're a true cinema geek, this is a remarkable film, a great piece of compressed cinema history, and when Tarantino's on, he's motherfucking ON, and you'll feel the hairs on your arms stand up and KNOW that you are in the middle of glorious cinema. "

The not spoiler-free review can be found here

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Reviews are trough the roof for this baby (there are spoilers in some of those).

Moriarty's one line review:

"The movie was f'ing great, wasn't it?"

Ebert and Roeper


Hollywood Reporter

"Kill Bill-Vol. 2" puts to shame doubts entertained about aesthetic strategies or structural imbalance provoked by "Kill Bill-Vol. 1." Now that the entirety of Quentin Tarantino's epic revenge melodrama is on view, "Kill Bill" emerges as a brilliant, invigorating work, one to muse over for years to come. "

In you face naysayers! ;)

Nice that they're already talking Oscars for Thurman and Carradine. Tarantino really knows how to make fallen stars rise again, doesn't he?

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This IMDB news sounds fucking cool:

Tarantino To Make 'Kill Bill' Animation

Maverick director Quentin Tarantino is planning an animated prequel to his Kill Bill movies - to show the early life of the deadly assassin. The film will be drawn in the Japanese manga style already seen in Kill Bill Volume 1 and will focus on the three men - pimp Estebian Vihaio and martial arts masters Hattori Hanzo and Pei Mai - who turned Bill into a ruthless killer. The Oscar-winning writer and director will write and produce the film. Tarantino has also speculated that he could return to Kill Bill's world in 15 years time to follow the daughter of a character killed in the first film. The popular filmmaker - who took five years off after directing Jackie Brown to return to the screen with the violent revenge saga - is next set to direct a segment of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's comic book adaptation Sin City.

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