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The Reggae Thread

Fusty Gusset

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There were two recent compilations released by trojan in the last couple of weeks.  Available through trojan and amazon. 


They look fantastic.  Some of the trojan compilations I have,  red red wine and tighten up vol 2.... They're really good.... I can't wait to play my stuff on a decent system. 

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Ah that's a sad loss.


I saw him live a couple of times, Brixton and Hammersmith, easily the most physical concerts I've been to, as in your entire body was absolutely pummelled from the bass. Felt like my chest was going to explode. Only other concert I've seen like that was Motorhead. Of course the air was completely thick with ganja. High as fuck from second hand smoke, and the only time I've ever seen a concert sell out of lager.

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11 minutes ago, Uncle Nasty said:



Best album cover ever and I love the toasting. Just a great, weird, off the wall record.

Weirdly, I was talking about that record yesterday. When I was a kid (in the 80s) there was a story that the car in the background actually hit him, which is why they didn't retake the photo with his flies up.


I think it was apocryphal though; he did spend time in hospital after a road accident, but I don't think it was that specific car.


Brilliant record anyway.

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