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Bad movies you can't help but to love


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Some times, no matter how bad a movie is, there's something in there that just makes you love it. You know the movie is bad, but for diffrent reasons, you simply love it.

One of my favourite shit movies has to be 'Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny'


Everything about this movie is shit. It's got a shit plot, cheesy dialogue, lots of farting and "lol, cock" talk and, well, overall it's just a pile of childish garbage. But I love it...I love the songs (they are genius), Jack Black is hilarious (so is Kyle Gass) and overall it's a movie I never mind watching again. I also bought the soundtrack, and it's been getting numerous listens every week since I got it.

Bottom drawer quality misplaced in my top drawer.

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Escape From LA


It looks like a TV move despite being released at the cinema.

The plot is a complete rehash of the first movie.

The CG is absolutely appalling.

It was one of the first signs that Carpenter was totally losing it.....

The soundtrack is fucking ace!

It's got Snake being cool surfing, snake being cool playing basketball, snake being cool handgliding!

It's got Steve Buscemi AND Buce Campbell!

The end is absolutely fantastic :)

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I love my ensemble disaster movies, so here's a couple...

The Core - It's delightfully daft, but whenever it is on Film 4 or something, I always end up watching the whole thing. Stanley Tucci is fantastic.


Armageddon - Michael Bay always gets a bad rap on here, but there is a lot to enjoy about this. It's ridiculously bombastic, but a top-notch popcorn film.


Oh yes, and Hudson Hawk? Love it! "Looks like you won't be attending that HAT convention in July!"

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Deep Blue Sea is great! :)

That sequence near the start, where the camera pans over the pool where a man is swimming with a (tiger?) shark is brilliant. And who can forget the first time they saw big Sam get it?

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Zombie Flesh Eaters 2

Behold the heroes!


And Zombie Flesh Eaters 3

Oooo, scary!


Both equally good/bad, the production values alone will have you agog, but their greatest strengths lie in the qulaity of the scripts and acting. I've seen them so many times and each time is a genuine pleasure.

Number 2, (perhaps 3 - they become confused in my mind because I can't watch one without then immediately watching the other), is of partcular note for shamlessly ripping off the story, and even some dialogue, from Day of the Dead.

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Escape From LA


this. but i'm a Carpenter nut, so i'll watch anything he's made - including Ghosts of Mars which *is* absolutely shocking, but Vampires is saved purely by James Woods who chews so much of the scenery he shits baseball bats.

anyway, my number one choice is:


but i also adore:


Robin Williams makes me want to eat my own legs, but it's a film about robots and it all looks fantastic, i can watch it over and over again. the 40's/50's style design is spot-on and in my opinion far outstrips the kind of fake plastic reality Pixar try and produce.

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