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Dragon Age: Origins


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I miss my City Elf, she was quite possibly my favourite protagonist ever.

Same, albeit my first character was a Dalish Elf. Incorruptible and unwilling to compromise, she made a great tragic hero.
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Previous post I did about Origins mods, not played or looked at mods for a while but should still do the job, just don't use skip the fade on a first play through.

The main site for mods is the Dragon Age Nexus, the BioWare site is decent as well, your first download should be DAO Modmanager much better than the mod tool that comes with the game and really easy to use. JBTextures is a decent texture pack that improves things, I'd also recommend Dragon Age Redesigned, personally I think Dragon Age looks great but the character models are often a let down especially the elves, this sorts that out. The Respec Raven, Skip the Fade, Natural Bodies(NSFW need to be signed in) is good as it has a more normal sized hand mod and everything else the name would suggest and more if you're so inclined. Combat Tweeks, Lock Bash allows all classes to open locks and If you're feeling it's all a bit easy there's the Nightmare Plus pack. Most important of all, a camp storage chest.

With the AI I found things go much smoother if you set up some tactics, I think it was a bad idea to restrict the number of slots you get. There are mods for it though, Unlock all slots, Advanced Tactics looks like it's improved how characters react and given you more conditions to use, only just seen this, will have to install it for my next play through.

That's odd, wouldn't let me post a copy of it at first, had to do a smaller post then edit it in.

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Yeah, even at the time the graphics on DA were fairly ropey, but as a game I thought it was absolutely brilliant. To my great shame I never got around to playing much of the second, but it's there on my PC....Waiting.

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Sorry for the super-bump...


Picked up the complete version of this cheap a few weeks back and absolutely loving it. It's the PS3 vers so it's ropey-looking and juddery as hell, but I've been able to carry on my Mass Effect tradition of creating a hideous freak and being an arsehole to everyone I meet. 


I went for male warrior City Elf which is proving pretty fun. The wise-cracking 'violent' voice makes him even more of a prick, which I love. Can I get you a ladder, so you can get off my back? 


So far I have


killed the possessed kid (his mum was so annoying), dumped the blood in the ashes (why not?) and put Leiliana in her place, betrayed my hillbilly elf bretheren, and despite Alastair being the chosen one, he's currently sitting back at camp in his pants as punishment for being such a whiny bitch.

Currently visiting the dwarves but I can feel another bloodbath coming on. 


Much as with Mass Effect I'm basically in it for the story; I've dialed it down to easy, largely just mashing X to get through the battles and letting my gang do the heavy lifting. Currently adventuring with Morrigan, Zethran and Shale. No idea if they are good or the 'right' way to do it but it makes for good party bants. 


I like it a lot. 

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I've started playing through this again after many years.  Chose a female city elf rogue.  Blimey that origin pulls preciseley no punches. Rape and murder in the opening minutes.  Im an angry elf as a result (of course I chose combat). 


Going through the ritual in your wedding dress, having stripped the two lads to their loin cloths. .. I

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