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Dragon Age: Origins


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94% from PC Gamer - 'best rpg of the decade'
"A truly astonishing game. Vast, vivid and microscopically detailed. Dragon Age is the RPG of the decade"

"'But coming out the other end of an epic 80 hours first playthrough, I leave with memories that feel like more than simple events in a game.'"

"The main negative they mention is the difficulty levels. The reviewer says he had to play through some parts on easy and even then there were some incredibly tough battles."

From GAF.

PC Gamer France Review


Their conclusion was, to translate roughly: "Old-school gameplay with a fast rythm and a foregrounding of the story, this title mixes together the best of what Bioware has done in the last few years. The intensity of a Baldur's Gate and the depth of a good book series, what more could you ask for?"



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I'm really worried about the console version. Don't think I could cope with it being some Risen-style disaster.

To be fair, Risen is an exceptionally bad console port, possibly the worst PC-to-console port of the last 5 or so years. Doesn't prevent me from enjoying it immensely though, but I get what you're saying. Keep in mind that Bioware are far more technically competent than the Risen guys, especially when it comes to consoles - just look at their past games. I honestly think the console versions will be fine :D

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More info from the PCG UK Review

"Thus begins Dragon age, one of the most enormous and astonishing of games. It's an unashamed high-fantasy RPG, rooted in the most traditional soil, yet set in a highly original world."

"This is not a game that can be simply explained. How does it begin? It begins in six completely different ways, and each of these can be met with a wildly different approach."

"Whether you play as a human, elf or dwarf, a rogue, warrior or mage, a noble or a commoner, Dragon Age requires a smart use of your wits and weapons"

"You can approach combat in a couple of ways, depending upon your personal preferences and the difficulty to which you've set the game. In theory, setting it to easy should let you fight in real-time, where you select opponents and issue instructions from a row of tiled attacks, spells and special items familiar to any MMO player, as the fight happens."

"As you and your party level up, at levels 7 and 14 you get a point to spend on a sub-specialism that opens up new talent trees. A warrior, for instance, can choose to be a berserker or champion, among others. A mage might opt for shapeshifting., allowing her to morph into an animal during battle. A superbly useful talent for a rogue is ranger, which allows you to call an animal to join your party."

"Humans are the dominant race in Ferelden. Dominant in some extremely unpleasant ways. Until a few hundred years ago elves were the slaves of humans. In theory they have been freed, but those who live in cities remain second-class citizens, forced to live in slums, either begging or finding menial work in human houses. A small number of elves broke away to live in the Dales, these "dalish" elves are attempting to recover their lost culture. Bitter and vengeful, they kill all humans who wander into their territory. The dwarves live in the Frostback Mountains. Mages are feared and loathed by all. Your first two hours playing as a human noble will have almost nothing in common with those of a dwarf commoner or Dalish elf. While you're taught the basics of combat, and introduced to party mechanics, the rest is unique."

"Whether you play as a male or female, there are various characters with whom you can fall in love. However this isn't a genderless universe, and a gay relationship will be recognised as such."

"The ending, which is different depending upon how you've played, manages to deliver on the anticipation built up, surprising you with new twists, and creating an appropriate sense of scale."

The reviewer took 80 hours (over the course of 2 months playing it) to complete it with a first playthrough. He goes on to say:

"This is the most enormously detailed game world I've experienced, its history stretching back thousands of years, its cultures vivid, beautiful and flawed, the battles enormous, the humour superb. Roleplaying games now have a great deal to live up to."


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Funny how opinion turns.

I only heard about this game last week, and I was hooked from "spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate". Found the thread, and was somewhat surprised by the whining in the first few pages.

I reckon this game will do really well. At least as well as Mass Effect.

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Forgotten, hopefully.

I haven't played it, of course, but am looking forward to.

I do have a fun essay I want to do on the marketing of Dragon Age though.


You don't think that perhaps they did it on purpose so the game created more of an impact when it was finally revealed to actually be great.

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No. Assuming that they knew how good it actually was/is/may be, they figure they don't need to advertise to us at all. They aim at the people who won't necessarily buy it, knowing when word of how good it actually is, we'll all stop our whining and buy the fucking thing.

In short: We'll buy it anyway. Advertising to us is wasted cash.

(I stress, I haven't played it.)


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