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New Hold Steady stuff!

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The Hold Steady have confirmed that illness is the reason behind postponing their UK tour which was due to begin in Oxford last night (September 29).

In brief press statement released today, it is revealed that guitarist Tad Kubler has been hospitalised with pancreatitis.

The statement also confirms that the band intend to play the gigs at a later date, and "are currently rescheduling the tour and hope to have the new dates fixed in shortly."

Just got back from holiday to learn of this...had tickets for Bristol on Saturday ffs.

Get well soon Tad.

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Aye, I was going to go to the London show.

I'm a pretty new fan, having bought Stay Positive and totally falling in love with it. I just got Boys & Girls in America, and it seems great, but not as good as SP.

Anyway, yeah, disappointed about the cancellation. I guess they don't tend tp tour the UK very often then?

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Rescheduled dates:

Sheffield, Leadmill (December 7)

Oxford, Academy (:lol:

Nottingham, Rock City (9)

Manchester, Academy (10)

Bristol, Anson Rooms (12)

Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms (14)

Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall (15)

London, Roundhouse (17)

Glasgow, Glasgow SECC (18)

The Glasgow date has been bumped down to a support slot for counting crows. I'm going to go to the London one instead.

I don't even know if my Glasgow tickets are valid for a support slot gig. Oh well still get to see them this year.

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and my threads that aren't dying are no longer dead, to paraphrase Craig Finn.

Got heavily into this band over Christmas, listening to Separation Sunday more than is healthy, and got Stay Positive yesterday. Really liking it, and moments within each song, though so far only the title track is sticking in my mind fully (largely due to those godly WHOA-OH-OHs, I think).

I think I prefer Finn's vocals on Separation Sunday - I like it when he's hoarsely shouting rather than singing, for some reason. But Stay Positive certainly doesn't disappoint.

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They've released a live album from the last date of their B&GIA tour, entitled Positive Rage. Spotify link if you want to listen for free. From a quick listen, I think they're a bit off-form compared to the other live stuff I've heard and compared to when I've seen them, but it's still pretty entertaining.

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I'm fairly sure there people on here who are also fans of The Hold Steady, masters of mixing classic rock stylings with hoarsely yelled poetry, and their new album is out in less than a month. Four songs from the album have been revealed thus far:

Hurricane J

Rock Problems

The Weekenders

Barely Breathing

I'm not sold on Rock Problems but the other three are pretty great, especially Weekenders and Barely Breathing, both of which I pretty much can't stop listening to.

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Very much looking forward to it, but I'm not listening to anything until the whole album's released. It's tempting, but I'd rather listen to the whole thing at once, otherwise I end up having favourite tracks even before I've given the full album any attention.

Can't wait, though.

We have a thread, by the way. But searching wouldn't have helped much, I'd imagine.

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I think Franz is very conspicuous by his absence going on what they've released so far. Apparently they have a new touring keyboard player but I doubt there are any keys on record. I'd always thought his playing was a nice extra and that it was all about Craig's vocals and Tad's guitar but it's quite apparent what an important part of their sound he was. Even if his backing vox were always awful.

I'm looking forward to it, because it's a new Hold Steady record, but I'm not expecting to be blown away.

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Listened to it once through over breakfast, listening again now.

The standouts are definitely Hurricane J, Weekenders, and Barely Breathing, but I also really like The Smidge and A Slight Discomfort and I don't think there's anything there that I actually dislike. Rock Problems is growing on me already.

It might even be helped by the lack of Franz since - despite his fantastic moustache - it means he couldn't give us another Navy Sheets.

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So this album is great. Pretty much every track works wonderfully in context, even Rock Problems which hadn't grabbed me in isolation. A Slight Discomfort is a perfect closer and when the album properly kicks off with Soft In The Center it just doesn't let up. The Sweet Part of the City acts more like an extended intro almost.

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Right, where do I go to get a similar hit to Boys and Girls in America era Hold Steady? Japandroids sort of scratch that itch, but there must be something else out there with that soaring, wonderful rush that it gives.

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Somehow last summer's Thrashing Thru The Passion album completely passed me by.  I had no idea it even existed.  But thanks to somebody voting for it in the RLLMUK Album of the Year awards, I'm now 100% back on board.  I've had it on repeat for the last couple of days, and I'm absolutely loving it.  Possibly even my favourite HS album since Boys & Girls, which is really saying something.


Well worth your time, if you haven't already spent the last 6 months listening to it, like I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING.


In other news, I need a better source for my new album info.  I gave up using Facebook and Twitter, because of all the bullshit and nonsense, so now rely on Google Play Music's "New" feature, which is fucking rubbish.

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