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Microsoft E3 Conference: Done


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Why are people all down on this conference? I've been pretty impressed so far. There better be some new stuff at the end though.

It's a forum. People like to whine and bitch.

They certainly seem to have a lot games I want to play. More than my wallet can afford probably.

The avatar stuff and all this shit that didn't interest me earlier on the Wii I can do without though.

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Wait, I think I missed the Banjo on XBLA announcement. If it's true, awesome. :D

'tis what he said!

Hopefully it means we may see other classic Rare titles go up.

I'd be happy with just Blast Corps. Jet Force Gemini would be nice too, maybe I could actually kill that bastard Midgar this time. I never managed it back in the day. :(

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