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Sony E3 Conference: Done & Dusted


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This is just amazing. I mean, a couple of weeks ago, I saw ONE developer announce ONE new game and both the entire expo centre and seemingly half the damn internet went absolutely fucking apeshit and cried tears of joy. Skip to this week and there's not a single announcement from the lot of these bastards combined that comes even close to generating the same level of excitement.

MAG sounds like it could have potential though, thankfully. But even so, you'd expect something more that what we've been shown these past couple of days...

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Wow, that was it?!

I think Microsoft might have actually defaulted a win there, that was terrible.

I gained one piece of information from that entire conference. And that was that I haven't been listening to enough Air, when it came on at the end.

It's not even SONYLOL anymore, it's more like SONY :(

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