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Comedies with decent posters?


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This is inspired by the "Yes Man" topic, the poster for which is absolutely abysmal (not Goose, lol!).

"Hey, Jim, do a funny pose for the poster!"


It reminded me of that recent Jason Biggs film about a wedding or something. The poster for that looked so obviously faked it made me cringe whenever I saw it.


So are there any comedies with inspired or original posters? Rather than just a close up of the lead characters making zany faces?

The best I could come up with is something like Shaun Of The Dead, but even that's pushing it. If you look at posters for other genres, they seem to have far more freedom to actually do something creative with the poster.

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As has been proved, comedies used to have wicked posters. Then, when comedies became fucking rubbish, so did the posters.


I guess because in many cases it's more about the main star these days, than it is about the actual film. So they just stick a massive picture of their key talent on the poster. Joy.

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Is Slither not a comedy?

Comedy horror I suppose, there's not point arguing it too much though, Planet Terror made me laugh loads I'd put it in the same category. Though if someone asked me to recommend some comedy I wouldn't think of either of them.

Having said that.


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