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Are you going to paint the Poy ^_^

Nah, I'm useless with paint and this was more of a prototype thing whilst I was bored at a friend's house. Once I get my hands on some plasticine I'll make a proper one as I'm a lot more comfortable using that.

Can we have a side-profile pic of the Poy - I want to see the fishyhat!




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I've been using Photoshop for all my concepts, the time spent on each one really varies. I think I actually spent the most amount of time trying to do that really white one (a couple of hours I think) and it looks worse than all the others.

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Me and a friend from uni were just looking at some of the amazing showreels from Hertfordshire uni and yours appeared in it! Was quite funny when I seen it.

Are you in the same class as the guy who created the World War animation? That was fantastic! :wacko:

Shit, I think I just realised I was wrong! :wacko:

It was something else, that was similar in style to yours that I'd somehow seen before and thought it was this! Sorry to hijack the thread for that.

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The film you saw it in the showreel was Cloud, the animation I did last year. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=176688

Vincent Chai (World War) was in the year above me so he's graduated now. He actually transferred into the third year and I think he was a lecturer in training so he had a lot more experience than most people on the course.

Bit of an update on the film's progress - I've got an animatic together but I'm still tweaking it. Once it's finalised I'll put it online.

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