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Batman: Arkham Asylum


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How long is the story mode on this? Just following the DNA trail for the warden and wondered where I'm up to. Difficult to tell with trophies and riddles adding to the completion percentage.

You've got quite a way to go yet, roughly near the halfway point maybe. I did the Warden bit earlier today and played a further four hours and my stats say I've done 58%. I have been doing some puzzles when they are on route but haven't been going out of my way to do them because I know I can mop up at the end when I have all the right equipment to do them all.

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in the

final bit, before the final bit with the joker on his throne

where it's two titans and a couple of waves of thugs, just before the joker injects himself

batman walks towards the camera, which is quite low, about thigh height. There was a bit of tearing/v-sync issues

on the 360 version at 720p

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(I should say, except on Batman's body on the 'select game' pan-up shot)

You Obviously haven't played up the any of the

parent's dead in Morgue / Scarecrow


You're reward with a great Vista unfortunately completely ruined by an awful frame rate and constant tearing.

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I've had this since close to the release date but only just had the time to sit down and play through it. Start to finish this weekend. WHAT A GAME. I cant think of any other game that is paced as well as this. Nothing feels like a grind, boss difficulty is just right. Most fun I've had playing a game in ages

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