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Batman: Arkham Asylum


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Halo 3 is awful the first time through, let alone the third.


Completed The Batmans today. Bloody loved it. Except the Killer Croc bit and the fact if you miss the Party Pooper achievement you have to play the entire game again. Tch.

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Some more details.

The Game Of The Year edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum due for release later this year will be playable in 3D on PS3 and Xbox 360.

That's according to an official ad for the game in India (which you can see below). The release will include Trioviz 3D technology, with two sets of 3D glasses included.

An accompanying release discloses that the Eidos title will also include six extra challenge maps, some of which have been available as DLC. These include:

* Scarecrow Nightmare Challenge Map: A combat map for expert players set in the Scarecrow's nightmarish world where players will need to fight against hordes of skeleton henchmen.

* Crime Alley Challenge Map: A combat map set in this iconic location from Gotham City that has been overrun by The Joker's henchmen.

* Totally Insane Challenge Map: A combat map set in the heart of Arkham Asylum where players will need to fight against waves of lunatics.

* Nocturnal Hunter Challenge Map: an Invisible Predator map where players will need to seize back control of the Prison Watchtowers from The Joker's henchmen.


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Don't hit them then, just walk on by.

It's worth doing for the achievement and the experience, as if he can't manage it he won't like what comes after it...

Edit: Also,

before you attack them, and they're just standing there waiting I'm pretty sure you can squeeze out a set of explosive gels an use that to kick the fight off.

Takes the wind out of half of them nicely.

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Great game. The end is a massive cop-out though after all the build up. Doesn't seem in character for that villian either.

Played this on the PC. It controls wonderfully with the mouse and looks pretty good even on a 3 year old laptop. Good Port.

I restarted levels many times just because of how fun it was to try different methods of taking henchmen out. The game really nails how vulnerable Batman can be (against firearms) if you just try to charge in. I thought all the characters were spot on with the exception of Ivy who I thought didn't look the part. Harley and Joker were great.

Only real improvements I would make is to allow the grappling hook to be placed almost anywhere and more freedom to explore.

Looking forward to the sequel. I hope some of it is set in Gotham.

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Anyone got the GOTY yet? It's out tomorrow I believe. Just wondering what the 3d is like.
Playing Batman: Arkham Asylum in 3D is an odd experience. This isn't the fancy technology we get when watching Avatar in 3D at the cinema, so the effect is more subtle, but it's certainly a step up from the old-fashioned 3D that graced such classic films as Jaws 3D. To my eyes there's a definite loss in clarity when using the new 3D display mode (switching between back to the standard mode confirms this), but the sense of depth, even if quite subtle, certainly adds something to the game. Wandering through Arkham Asylum's corridors and open rooms with the new vision mode turned on, then running through the same section again without, you lose something. It's hard to put a finger on what, but with the glasses I felt more immersed and the environment appeared more realistic. I'd recommend you play in 3D if you can.
My 3D reference points are Avatar, Friday the 13th Part III, which I remember came with crappy 3D glasses when we rented it from Blockbuster, and James Cameron's Avatar: The Game, which I saw in 3D at a behind-closed doors presentation at E3 last year. So, how does the superb (and now BAFTA award-winning) Batman: Arkham Asylum in 3D compare? Well, it's better than Friday the 13th Part III anyway. But it doesn't quite reach the heights of Avatar. It's probably got something to do with Batman's darker, more enclosed feel. With the camera pitched just over Batman's shoulder, there isn't much scope for stuff to fly at your face, or for bits of the environment to appear closer than others. Arkham Asylum is by design a dark, claustrophobic place, so the depth effect is limited. Oh, and when you wear the glasses, the colour desaturates, making the game look less vibrant than it did. However, there were moments that impressed me, including having a huge muscle-bound monster run at me. I'd say that it's worth a punt - you can pick up the 3D-enabled edition of the game bundled with two 3D glasses (which aren't great) for under 40 quid online - if for nothing else to see what a flying batarang looks like in 3D.
3D gaming with oldschool glasses is lame right? The colours will be nothing like the game designers intended and the actual 3D effect will be slight at best. That's what I thought when Square Enix put out a press release revealing 3D support for Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition, promising 3D visuals without a fancy new TV. To my surprise, the 3D is actually pretty convincing, introducing a depth to the visuals previously absent. Not only do the environments transform into more believable virtual spaces, but character models pop out of the screen. All this with only a small loss in colour clarity, although an element of fuzziness is introduced. The 3D effect isn't always successful, though, sometimes making characters lose any sense of being fully-rendered models, appearing instead as cardboard cut-outs. Wearing the 3D glasses also took its toll, leaving my eyes feeling a little tired after only 20 minutes of game time. Still, given Batman wasn't created from the ground up to utilise the TriOviz 3D technology, the implementation here shows enough promise to suggest future projects will be even more impressive.
Of the many ways to simulate the third dimension on a 2D plane - this is the most basic. Like the 3D comics you could get as a kid, paper glasses with one greenish lens and one pinkish lens sit awkwardly on your face and interpret the faint coloured outlines on the screen into 3D. It must be said, it works better than you might expect. Of course, it's still nothing on the latest big-budget movies striving for the same effect, but you do actually get a real sense of depth right there in your living room. My biggest issue is that a lot of colour information is sacrificed for this extra dimension and after about five or six minutes you'll be sick of seeing everything in a nasty blend of pink and green. I would imagine that beyond 45 minutes you'd be lucky not to have a pounding headache, and you'll notice batman himself appearing out of focus on more than a few occasions. Would I choose to play the entire game like this? Probably not. Arkham Asylum is a gorgeous game in its own right, and adding depth at the expense of colour and comfort seems, to me, pretty unnecessary.



I had no luck finding this in HMV today, was a it limited release similar to the Sith Edition for Force Unleashed? (which I still haven't been able to find)

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I had no luck finding this in HMV today, was a it limited release similar to the Sith Edition for Force Unleashed? (which I still haven't been able to find)

Didn't look like a limited release, was a stack of copies in Gamestop, that is Belfast though.

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I just had a look at the US store and there's a little PSP comic for free download released this week. I don't really know my Batman so it may be ancient (it's called 'Road To Arkham Asylum' or something, basically just leading up to the events in the game) but it's quite a nice wee extra. Only 11mb too!

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I bought this yesterday as I had a load of credit in Game. I already have the 360 version as I bought it on import before the release last year, I bought the PS3 version for the joker maps.

The 3d element is really good imho. The depth it adds to the game is very good, and there is some colour bleeding around some edges. The bits that do stand out are when you go into detective mode. Maybe its to do with the colour. Overall though, if you have the spare cash, or never played this before, I highly recommend it

if anyone else wants to know anything more, let me know



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