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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Fuck me I love this game, it's just so goddamn fucking good. It gets better and better the more I play it. Well done Rocksteady, you've made a Batman fanboy very very happy.

I love the different scenarios the game throughs at you and the way it changes direction at a hat and throws new things at you. It's constantly surprising me and all the little touches just really show the love and polish that Rocksteady have for Batman

My favourite things so far:

The scarecrow sections, they are awesome, end of.

The sections where it goes into Bruce Waynes past, incredibly cinematic and well done/immersive

The way your Batsuit gets completely fucked up during the course of the game, the batsuit is getting dirtier and my cape now has 2 big rips in it. You can tell Batmans going through a rough night

The open ended nature of the whole island, it's really well designed and even for someone like me with the poorest sense of direction in the world, navigating the world is a joy.

The combat is just awesome, I had a brilliant fight against 20 goons on an electrified floor jumping from section to section without interrupting the flow of the combat

One room that particularly surprised me was when I went into a room of Gargoyles and I was forced to change my 'do Inverted Takedowns on everyone' approach due to proximity mines being placed on the gargoyles. I was forced to use the ground, hide in the floor, ventilation shafts, use the batarangs and do silent takedowns. So fucking cool.

I've just gone into

Killer Cros lair

and I've been told it only gets better.

Love it.

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I don't my good man?

Bloody nuisance innit!

So is the ps3 version much different in terms of content, looks etc?

That's really shit. I asked because a lot of people do have a second 360, and you simply must play this game. The 360 version was leaked, that's what everyone is playing and it's perfect ( :wub: ) but there's nothing known on how the PS3 version compares. Going by precedents you can expect shitty rug textures and jaggies, but even so - and even with *that* controller - the game will still be brilliant. And you'll have the Joker bonus content!

Fuuuuck cant believe I havent tried this before (predator/combat tip)

Silent takedown a guy, spray explodo gel on him and then go hide till everyone gathers..... BOOM

EDIT: Crap, ave lost hours to this game.....(just seen the time)


Wait. What? Let me read that again.

... :(

Well fuck me, I never even thought of trying that and it's fucking amazing that it actually works, that the game actually lets you think up your own tactics like that. Such an awesome game :D

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GOTY, easily. It's just totally walked away with it at this point. Fucking incredible. I'm so looking forward to reading the pure love on Friday.

Same here. At first I was like 'goty contender for sure' but then you get further and it keeps getting more and more awesome and amazing, and the gameplay keeps getting more varied and deeper, and right now I simply can't imagine any other 2009 game coming close to the polished perfection that is Arkham Asylum.

There will always be one guy - just one- who doesn't 'get' the game, and it might be Sprite Machine again, but I think we have ourselves a new official Rllmuk forum favourite here, people will be wanking over this game for ages.

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