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FUEL - Openworld racer from Codemasters


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that's a shame. it's not exactly an intense experience, it's just nice to see other people driving around

This. It's a very, very chilled out racer. I imagine it'll have quite a convivial atmosphere online, rather than being ultra-competitive.

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I look at that video and I'm still impressed by FUEL's tech. Argh, still in two minds here.

That American voiceover in that video is annoying as hell though with his cheeky remarks. Far from professional.

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Anyone seen this on the development of the game?

Since when did being cheeky and insulting equal comedy gold, cos they seem to be way off the mark.

I know it's a French studio, but the disdain in the voiceover towards people who actually make something to entertain gamers, well it's incredible.

It looks even better and more gobsmacking every time I see it. I think the subtitles are there for Americans , in case they think the weather is populated by gigantic tomatoes.

Part 2 - Helicopter chases, extreme weather, mountain to canyon tour and hovercrafts

Part 3 - vehicles, & mini map

Part 4 - Online, race editor, free riding, fuel finding

As for the voice over guy, well he needs a swift kick in the haw maws.

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I'm still intrigued as well. SO many bloody racing games coming out! If they don't have a solid release date for Forza 3 in the coming days I may have to purchase one of these arcade jobbies! :lol:


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In the US even British TV shows get subtitled.

Like which ones? I could imagine something like Phoenix Nights needing it, but that show would never get picked up by a US channel. Though I reckon the likes of Comedy Central should do a trial experiment of show episodes of Chewing the Fat without even closed captioning, just to see what the reaction would be like.

Going back to this Playr special, I've no idea why they take this developer dismissive stance and use an American voice over guy. Endearing it is not. Also, is it now the case that Playr is no longer being carried by Bravo for sure? I think on any other channel, they'd tell those on the editorial of the show to grow up a bit.

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I know people say previews don't matter (and yes in the scheme of things that's true) but IGN posted this less than two weeks ago

We're here to tell you that Fuel is a hugely ambitious racing title, and one that has come together really well. This is going to be great value for money.


That was from the AU team. I know the UK team were keen on it. But the Americans had always been really down on it (which is great when you've flown there to show it to them ...) and in the end they've reviewed it, so far as I can tell with absolutely no effort made by Codemasters in the US to set up an online session for them when doing the review.

Make of that what you will.

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