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FUEL - Openworld racer from Codemasters


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Does online make that much difference?

I'd say it's worth a point or two, because like I mentioned earlier in the thread it makes it more like a mini console MMO where you can just hang around or go explore with people rather than on your own. It was one of the absolute joys of TDU that kept me playing it months after I've usually given up online games.

can you zoom out a bit from your car? cos i found it quite difficult to play with the car taking up 80% of the screen.

Camera change is on R3, there's two 3rd person views and one from the bumper.

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Well, that's why I asked as I don't normally see him playing unreleased codies games online.

Ah sorry! When you said "saw" didn't occur to me you meant online...


Yeah, in default when you're idle it's pretty full on but pulls away when you accelerate

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I noticed RFT was playing this the other day. Is it out/nearly out then as I assume he was playing the full release game.

<whistles innocently>

UK friday, Continental europe tomorrow, Spain last friday, USA yesterday.

PC version out later this month.

That's all except for PC, which should be confirmed today.

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I've bought the 360 version cos I don't have a dual shock three and I like rumble in my games, also my gamer score, and I prefer Live infrastructure to GameSpy. Performance wise there's honestly nothing in it (not sure if they managed FSAA on PS3 mind).

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I don't think there's a demo.

Can anyone put me out of my misery and tell me which is the best version? Has any site done a comparison review?

There is this, from GameSpot Forums - it was posted by Jharmar

This was posted by SuperNova on the same topic on the 360 board:

I currently have both (got the PS3 for free and bought the 360). I played both roughly six to seven hours and these are my finds:


+ Better colors

+ Less blurring

+ Lighting is much better then 360 (headlights at night especially)

- framerate is little worse then 360

- some screen tear, but minimal (only in movies !!)

- Aliasing is bad

- Some extreme blooming when driving in full sun

- reflection on cars not as nice as 360

- slightly more noticable pop-up of small bushes then 360


+ Framerate is better

+ anti-aliasing is good

- No extreme blooming, but worse lighting overall then PS3

Now, to be perfectly honest the one and only big reasons I bought this game for the 360 is:

1) I prefer the 360 controller (triggers especially) for racing games

2) I already have Dirt and Grid for the 360 and i like to see Fuel next to it (stupid reason I know)

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Is it just me, or does the default brightness setting seem awfully low on the 360 version? I was struggling with how murky it looked until I turned it up. Normally don't have to alter it on 360 games with my telly.

I'm enjoying the racing, but it's a shame that everything is broken up by loading - restarts, moving to a new race, going back to base. I was playing Burnout Paradise last night, and the almost interruption-free layout of that is such a joy in comparison.

Still, enjoying getting my teeth into this.

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360 it is then. Ta!

I plumped for the PS3 version before I read that feedback. Oh well.

Gameplay haven't even shipped it yet, so it's unlikely I'll have it for the weekend, although with Prototype still consuming all my gaming time I doubt I'd have even put it on anyway.

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Maybe people who are interested in buying it wants to see what it looks like. So I provide a link to videoes of it.

But that isn't really what you are doing is it? You seem to have decided - without actually playing the game - that eurogamer's score is fair and that it is a "shittier" game, and that for some reason, Edge's 8 needs justifying.

Anyway, mine arrived today and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it tonight. Should be some good online action I reckon.

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Maybe people who are interested in buying it wants to see what it looks like. So I provide a link to videoes of it.

Yeah, with snarky comments as an extra bonus 'treat'. You don't like the game - we get it. You're entitled to your opinion, but to keep on saying the same thing over is a bit boring, really.

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Play.com let me down in the sense that I was hoping it would arrive today, I suppose there is always tomorrow. So those fortunate to have their copies are you happy with your investment or is it straight to the trading pile ?

Not wanting to derail the thread so please forgive me but LoveFilm sent me Need For Speed Undercover and I have been pleasantly surprised, its not a bad arcade racer.

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