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The Punk Thread


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I don't see Cassels mentioned in this thread. They're one of my favourite bands of the past few years. They're not hardcore punk, probably more on the indie/alternative side of the spectrum... but still in the punk genre. The music is good (for my ears) but they are also writing great lyrics about climate change / the environment:



This upright fleshy parasite had been incredibly short-sighted
Try as they might to shrink-wrap the creeping sense of doom
Convince themselves the years of warnings would never come true
Focus their attentions on upgrading their iPhone 21’s to the brand new iPhone 22


...on how we treat animals:



A bolt through the head
A leash around a neck
Now dance for me on your hind legs
Pingu lost his igloo
Dumbo lost his tusks
And other such quips – you get the gist


...domestic abuse:



You hit my brother
Because he saw straight through
All of your bullshit and bluster
I think it scares you that he’s not scared of you

But as for our mother

Sadly I don’t think that’s true

If you really loved her

You would have never put her through the things that you’ve put her through





That girl was someone’s daughter till you warned her not to scream
That girl was someone’s best friend till you forced apart her knees
Now she’s nothing, no one, frozen, please


... the state of the NHS / healthcare in the UK:



Apparently our wellbeing isn’t a given right but is in a state which is transient
And I’m a fucking idiot; I got run over by the last remaining ambulance
My ersatz ego transplant made me happy for a while
But then I wound up in a two mile queue
Outside the hospital waiting room


It's probably not for everyone. They were signed to Big Scary Monsters for a while and even their manager admitted they weren't the easiest band to promote because of their lyrical content. But they do get the occasional twice-a-year play on the "new music" sections on BBC 6 Music.





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