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One Life Left Season 4

One Ste Left

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I said I'd visit to let you know when this is happening and so here I am. One Life Left returns tonight at 7PM, broadcasting across London on Resonance 104.4FM. We're excited to be back.

We have a brand new website which looks a bit shonky right now but is, thanks to Wordpress, way more functional than the last one which means we can do much nicer things. Ann will be blogging on there. She claims. I've written a welcome post here which should introduce people to the show. I think most of you lot know us already. We talk about videogames, but not really. We think videogames are ridiculous and awful and awesome. We play funny features by talented contributors. We get through an hour, just about.

Most of you aren't in London, I know, and the podcast will go up tonight at some point. When? Not exactly sure: as soon as I've got back / normalised the vocals / edited out the slander / worked out what we're doing for covers this year and how the new system works. Uh oh. But tonight, tonight, anyway.

Finally, it would be really, really helpful if you could let anyone who you think might like OLL know about the show. We rely on decent listener figures to keep our slot and while we've managed that for the last three years, every time we start we start again. Our summer break means a lot of iTunes subscriptions will have expired, I think. Still, here we are.

Wish us luck!

ste. xx

PS: Actually finally: we've been nominated for the GMAs again this year, in the Broadcast category. We're essentially representing the independents / amateurs / Anything But The Man, right? If you're in the games industry you can vote for us by sending an email to gma@intentmedia.co.uk saying "I'd like to vote for One Life Left in the Broadcast category, plz" or similar. We would totally appreciate that. Or you can use Simon's nice hyperlink here, which comes with an EXCLUSIVE AS-YET UNBROADCAST TALIAH PLEA. Thanks!

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Huzzah! Welcome back properly, loves.

edit: Voted for you lot in the GMAs too. That Talia has a very messed up future ahead of her, I can see it.

Thank you! If everyone else from here did the same we might beat the BBC. People from here should totally do the same. Also your listeners. And everyone else's listeners. Except the BBC's.

The podcast is up now.


The site is under construction so don't worry if it's non-functional -- just go to iTunes instead and download the podcast from there. As usual, please tell people who should know about the show about the show. We rely on listeners to get the word out, really.


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The new show is up on the website <_<

I have no idea how to download it from there though :(

Am I missing something or just being a dumbass.

Fixed. Well, added. It's not the most obvious thing at the moment because the flash MP3 plugin we're using replaces all direct links to MP3s with the player. I will get there with that, just need to find time. Sorry!

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