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Dr Seedyman

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On 06/10/2021 at 20:07, Jazz Glands said:


Yes it's certainly cheaper than the original Mega Drive release.


It's an emulated release which features the original Mega Drive Japanese version and a new modern control version with English text. Never really played it before but it's a solid old school shmup, I got a chance to review it the other day. It's a much cheaper option than original cartridges these days. Best played with an arcade stick or fighter pad as I know the PS4 controller isn't the most responsive. Saw a couple of the hardcore fans complaint about some lag input, but I had no issues clearing the game. Mind you they also complained the scoring mode is broken as the sixth boss (one shown in the thumbnail) you can sit in certain spots and farm its drones without dying or harming the boss. Really enjoyed it and it's one I wish I had got sooner.



I recommend the search mover unit for starters and finishing hard mode unlocks manic mode. New control system allows you to use right stick to control where the mover drones shoot.

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i can't resist a physical cave release so i'll get mushi but just the standard one, that has the best art on it anyway.


sort of want tiger heli too but not sure i'll like it, the puzzle game that comes with it might be alright though?, £50 for the physical is a bit too much for me to take a gamble on, half that digital though so maybe:




uk version of g-darius HD just arrived too.

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23 hours ago, phillv85 said:

In other news I got the Platinum trophy on Vasara Collection. Timeless mode is great fun, but the two arcade games really are a bit shit.


I played this on PS4 for the first time last night and it feels pretty swimmy. Is lag a known issue? What are you playing it on?

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11 minutes ago, Camel said:


I played this on PS4 for the first time last night and it feels pretty swimmy. Is lag a known issue? What are you playing it on?

Also on PS4, the lag definitely feels like an issue on the arcade games. It doesn't help that they're both double hard as well. It sounds like although PS4 has lag, the Switch version is even worse.

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On 26/10/2021 at 17:05, Spoonman said:

LRG want to take more of your money...












Well, they've not yet dispatched the Dangun Feveron I bought. These limited edition runs really are somewhat annoying, you know? It's my own weakness. Why the hell do I want these games physical? I already bought the damn download and own the 360 port FFS. I guess I will continue the promise to myself and pass.


Is this not getting a physical release in Japan at least? Really don’t want to buy a limited run. And these limited run ‘collectors editions’ who buys this trash? It’s just tat, cheap plastic tat they throw in a box to rip off collectors. When this got released on the PS2 the limited edition was a cool statuette. Limited run companies just shot out the cheapest and effortless collectors editions.

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yeah i'd go with espgaluda 2 too, mushi and crimzon clover not far behind, there's loads of good stuff on the switch. (edit - forgot esp.ra.de. but that's harder to get hold of.)


played some g-darius, didn't really know what i was doing so looked into it a bit, so i capture enemies, then use the laser thing to counrer the boss laser, but the boss laser was beating me - seems like i need to tap the laser button, i'll try that next time. i'm pretty rubbish at it. the music is cool though.

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On 30/10/2021 at 13:01, Death Adder said:

Anyone played Twin Cobra 2, Arcade and Saturn?


Any good?


I was playing this today. I really liked it! I wasn't recording so I didn't manage to capture my first 1cc as I didn't expect to get it so soon.

It's a lot easier than the first one!

It's nice and chill.


My advice would be to use 15hz autofire and stick to the green weapon. Try not to bomb because that's where most of your score comes from, having as many bombs and mega bombs as you can at the end of the stages.

You get nothing for having lives left at the end so don't worry about hoarding those.




I like it. I'm gonna try again tomorrow and see if I can get a better score.

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Spent a little time playing G-Darius HD and I’m really liking it. I’ve played the PSX version in the past but clearly not to any depth as I’m now learning how capturing and beams properly work. Haven’t managed a beam counter yet but mainly because I keep pressing the wrong button and detonating my captured enemy because I’m a dickhead.


Feels really nice and responsive. Shame there are no screen size options for the border display stuff as my TV overscans my PS4 output horribly. 

I always love the Darius bosses and with names like Tripod Sardine who wouldn’t, right?

Recommended/10. Seems really nice so far, was cheap and didn’t come in a massive cereal box.


edit: on the subject of PS4, what pad do any of you pad-using people use? I really don’t like the d-pads on Sony controllers. I can use my Retro-Bit MD pad with a PS3->PS4 Brook converter but the buttons are in a bit of a weird configuration. Mostly I can remap them within a game which is fine but for menus etc it’s all weird.

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