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Another day ruined by a true last boss. I wish they would all just go to the moon.

I was like "yeeeeeeeees! ... FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!".


This time it's "Leiria -stargazer-"




I've looked into it and apparently the prick turns up if you shoot both arms off some boss and pick up the extend.


That still counts as a 1cc, doesn't it? 1cc (no TLB)

Gah, it just feels like such a bronze medal :D I'll try again tomorrow.


Game is great fun, very espgaluda.

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Still alive! Still love a shmup.


Rekindled faith I can still play them by loading Rolling Gunner and getting my second best 1cc despite being criminally fatigued at night.


I’ve just picked up Espgaluda 2, had to be done. Really want to learn this and Mushi!


@ImmaculateClump have you Cave’d and got a shmup machine (switch) yet? 😁

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Aaaay, nice to see you still standing, haze :D I was thinking about you the other day, wondering wha gwan.


Haha. I've had a switch since launch, but didn't really get on with it, to be honest.

I always just buy nintendo consoles for nintendo games, but I really bounced off this gen of nintendo games so it's been gathering dust for the longest time.

If there's ever an exclusive shmup that I just neeeeeed to play, it'll be getting a cuddle and going pride of place on top of the ps4 on my desk, but it hasn't happened yet.


Looks like they're knocking it out of the park with these switch ports, they've kept the lag right down and I've heard no complaints about performance issues!


I've got espgaluda 2 on my japanese 360, but I just play it in xenia because it's less hassle.


Try playing the black label, haze, that's nicely chill. A good way in. The bullets politely slow down and rub against you like friendly cats :D

I'm gonna have to fire it up soon. Too many games, not enough time to play!


I hope you're going to sleep with a smile on your face and not waking up too tired!

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I don't know if any of you lot used the shmup reddit, or are aware of the current drama, but the short story is


  • 3 mods
  • mods all same person, person dunt even play shumps!
  • person nipped in heed, post a lot in incel subreddits
  • delete a lot of decent content on the subreddit for shits and giggles
  • ban gryoovy shmup homie morsalty for "discussing emulation"
  • his literal words were "I wouldn't bother with sega saturn emulation, it's not great". guy always plays on original hardware!
  • Everyone on the discords sticks up for salty and boycotts the subreddit
  • mod goes on big thread-nuke spree and locks the subreddit - https://www.reveddit.com/v/shmups/?localSort=num_comments


Yadda, yadda, here are the new groovy places.




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Picked up an Xbox Series S so I've been revisiting some stuff I haven't had access to for nearly a decade. I bought Omega Five at the time and didn't really persevere with it back then but man, what an excellent game once you figure the mechanics out. I remember finding it super hard but it's actually pretty straightforward once you know what you're doing, I should've had a 1cc after a couple of hours with Ruby (who is, of course, dressed in flimsy lingerie which would be enough of an eye roll without the game starting in a snow level) but fucked it taking a stupid hit with the last boss seconds from death. I did get one after unlocking Sensei but I don't think that counts since he's gloriously, hilariously broken.


It's a real shame this game was a bit of an evolutionary dead end since it's a perfect fit for modern controllers. And it seems like it's fully extinct now too since it's been delisted from the marketplace at some point.


I'd be up for going back to Guwange too if Xbox d-pads weren't still pretty bad. I never understood how to approach that game at all but it does intrigue me.

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Yeah, it's basically a traditional hori but with twin sticks - the directional movement is analogue but the speed isn't. Kind of feels like a more advanced version of Forgotten Worlds or Burai Fighter or something.


I've got vague memories of the 360 port of Guwange having issues with the slowdown etc. Can anyone confirm? That'd be a fair enough excuse for emulating it instead rather than being tempted to get a Brook converter or something.

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Hey all. Long-term shmupper but first time poster (ish). I haven't been a member of this forum for a long, long time, but discovered this thread a few months back and check it regularly - it's a great way to discover new releases and hear about what folks are into at the moment. I signed up just to say thanks all!

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