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On 02/10/2021 at 23:05, Dig Dug said:

Cotton Tribute confirmed to have over 10 frames of input lag. That’s put me right off.

I've still been able to play all three games just fine. It's not ideal but it doesn't make the games impossible to play like some are suggesting. I'll take this over spending £600 odd on getting the Saturn versions. 

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I'll definitely try the pc versions when they come. The lag will be lower, but it's just the roms running in an emulator in a wrapper with extra lag, if it's not as good as current emulation options, there's absolutely no reason to buy these releases.

Of course ten frames of lag isn't unplayable, you can get used to it, but you don't have to, and you shouldn't be sending the message that this is acceptable. Vote with your wallet.

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Haha! To be fair the games were laggy on the saturn to begin with and it's notoriously difficult to emulate because the system was needlessly complex, having 9 different processors, but they've definitely added a load of lag themselves which shouldn't be there.

I'm not as down on city connection as most, I can only speak for the pc versions that I've played but I though their psyvariar release was really good, and despite the weird problems with some of the psikyo games which stem from them using the ps2 code rather than the arcade, they ran well.

I don't know what the hell has happened here.

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I just remember that raw lag-free experience of playing NES SMB and how I literally could sense no delay at all. My DMG Gameboy is still amazing for this reason - zero lag tetris 😊

Going from that to modern Bluetooth/Processor/HDMI kinda sucked for a while, it’s better now but I’m still sensitive to lag. So personally I’d not touch anything with a whopping 10 frames. It’s also unnecessary...


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Fair play, they're gonna see what they can do at least.



"We have confirmed that the following titles currently available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are experiencing input lag.

・Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute (package version)

・Cotton 2 Saturn Tribute (download version)

・Cotton Boomerang Saturn Tribute (download version)

・Guardian Force Saturn Tribute (download version)

We are currently investigating this matter and plan to update each title on each console to improve the input lag.

The timing of the update will be announced later.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your patience."

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That’s good news. Mine arrived and it’s in a box the size of an advent calendar. I basically have no idea what I’m ordering every time I buy something from Amazon.jp.

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Xexex, Thunder Dragon 2, Gunnail and Black Heart are next up on Arcade Archives!


Thunder Dragon 2 is an obvious classic, but I hope people check out Gunnail too. It's a special port if only because the game hasn't always worked beautifully under emulation, but it also shows NMK at their peak, in some ways - unorthodox and creative in its mechanics, as always, and taking the chunky 'everything is gunmetal' fixation in their artwork to its conclusion. They've always been famous for having unusual, arguably silly scoring systems, but Gunnail's mostly just emphasises accepting high risk: each time you lose one of your three shields (essentially lives, here) your score multiplier goes up, and if you take down a boss with none left in stock you can net a whopping x100 multiplier for it. Scoring well therefore involves deliberate 'suiciding', but without the reassurance that lives are a resource to be expended and earned back (as in a Yagawa game) - your last one is your last one. It's fairly easy to play for survival, but becomes a wonderfully tense experience if you embrace this element.

(The only issue with this is that being on your last legs triggers a loud and irritating klaxon sound which plays until you're dead. I wonder if they'll include an option to tone it down...)

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We're playing Hell Blasters for the shmup junkie caravan competition if you want to join in. There's my best run so far - https://streamable.com/nhxjb9


Blue Wish Desire is out!



Not free this time, but he deserves all the money. Says he's thinking about steam and itch, but booth is quick and painless for him so it's up there for now.

I have a booth account because it was the only place to get this, which wasn't so good, so I bought it.


There's you normal autoguard score to beat!

Game is fantastic!



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Noticed R-Type Final 2 is currently £27.99 on Steam if anyone is looking for it on the PC.


Tempted to pick this up on the PC as I have a stick on it...


EDIT: seems to be on 20% discount on all platforms at the moment! :)

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I go a no miss on blue wish desire. Beaming!




Look at this lad here - https://youtu.be/RQE67z8VaL0?t=723
He gets a secret extend on stage 3. I wonder how you do that, maybe you just have to uncover all the treasure up to that point, or maybe you have to do those two before it in order, left then right.
That's worth another 10,000,000 if you carry it over the finish line!

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Nice one, Immaculate! I've only had time for a quick Original clear today, but I can confidently say that if you've any interest whatsoever in Cave-style danmaku shooting, you'll love this! It has a simple and compelling scoring system, loads of inventive patterns and situations (and they're clearly holding back on Original, which is a fairly easy clear), and a great soundtrack. It's top-tier doujin stuff and I'm really happy to see the series return in such style.


I'd recommend RTF2, Matty. The updates seem to come less frequently than they do on consoles, but the overall performance is much better. It's a great game that I like more the more I spend time with it, and it's a shame it's had such a lukewarm reception. It's a grower that really comes into its own on the higher difficulties, so if you're finding Normal a bit sedate, kick it up a notch. The DLC stages are improving massively with each new pack, and there's the promised 'R-Type Final 3' update to look forward to, which I'm optimistic will provide a better campaign still, so by the time everything is wrapped up I think we'll have a pretty amazing game on our hands. 

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Wow, no idea if I'll actually spend much time with it at this point but I'll buy it anyway purely because I spent so many hours playing his old free stuff.


Torus Trooper pls. I feel bad saying it since Jeff Minter has made it pretty much his life's work but that's my favourite spin on Tempest.

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21 hours ago, Klatrymadon said:

It's top-tier doujin stuff and I'm really happy to see the series return in such style.


Yeah, it's very much more of the same, but yup, hook it up to my veins, easily one of the best games of the year.


I talked to toimine on discord about the secret extend and he was very nice.

He says you have to break all the parts of the midboss. He says there's a few things hanging out the back of him, one on the left and one on the right, that you'd miss unless you were looking for them. So you have to damage them after you do the turrets and the boss will go into a new nasty pattern after that.
Then the extra secret pillar appears afterwards and the 1up is in there.


You unlock a new ship when you clear the game, and once you clear the game with all three ships you unlock this extra one called "despair" and I was using it the other day, it's like inverted, you've got a really powerful rapid shot, and then when you focus you've got this really weak but really wide shot that does fuck all damage, so it's gonna be great for scoring, leaving things alive long enough to cancel more bullets and then switching to your rapid shot when things get hairy and you need to take things down more quickly.


Not being able to focus and deal damage is a nightmare when shit hits the fan though! :D


Sunny Tam has announced DU4 which is gonna be called Danmaku Unlimited: WYVER ULTRA



DU2 was good, but DU3 was pretty boring, I thought, just hanging round down the bottom of the screen herding and grazing like some daft cow.

At least DU2 had the mechanic where you built your hyper quicker the more risky you played. I hope he does something interesting with the scoring, or fucks off grazing. Grazing can be brilliant fun (Exceed 3rd Jade Penetrate Black Package, for example), but not the way he does it.
Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!


Steam page is up for Moon Dancer - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1790250/Moon_Dancer/



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Not sure if its technically a Shmup but Nex Machina is current on sale for the paltry sum of £3.99 on the PSN store.


Great game by Housemarque (with input from Eugene Jarvis!) and if you like Robotron... this is it on STERIODS! :D 

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Nex Machina is fab! Definitely jump on that if you don't have it!


If you clear BWD normal with all 4 ships, you unlock another secret ship, one of the broads from eden's aegis.






Steam seems to require an app registration fee ($ 100), so I'll pay it tomorrow. There is also a review, so it seems that it will still take time


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Speaking of twin sticks, Satryn looks canny - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1677360/satryn_deluxe/



You can try the free version on itch - https://maybell.itch.io/satryn


Blazend looks like it might be alright. Not even a tentative release date on that one - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1757440/Blazend/


klorets looks fun - https://www.freem.ne.jp/win/game/26832



I beat my score on BWD normal. Hell is hard! :D




edit: got a blind clear on klorets, that's a lot of fun. Loads of scoring potential!



There's the hardest ending done. Your score to beat.




Yes, that's amazing fun, you have a rapid shot, a focus and a hyper that slows time. Enemies you kill while not hypering gives you green cash and you spend that cash while hypering and enemies killed during hyper, their bullets get cancelled into diamonds.
You can hyper and cancel the bullets of all enemies so long as you have the cash to spend to do it, so it's all about choosing when to hyper and when not to.


Don't break your back playing BWD with autoguard off, by the way. Your lives aren't worth more at the end like they are in blue wish resurrection. Found that out to my cost today!

I think you got half as much again for each life on BWR, so I was disappointed when it was giving me the normal points for my lives :(



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