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Second attempt, still some way to go figuring out the best way to play. Didn't help I got a really long fever on like a 14x mulitplier by accident.


[edit] what Clump doesn't mention is that his score is second worldwide on the leaderboards! Though it seems very few people have played this yet as mine is still 14th.

[edit 2]

Could still go a lot higher than this, lost two lives towards the end.

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37 minutes ago, strawdonkey said:

Didn't help I got a really long fever on like a 14x mulitplier by accident.


Haha, yeah, I've done the same, you have to keep an eye on that. They should make the circle go a different colour when you're in fever or something.

It's great fun, innit?

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Yeah, it's like that on ps4 as well. You could change your buttons in the controller config thingy in the steam overlay if it's bothering you.


I move my fingers one space to the right on my stick and the default setting is fine for me.




Leaderboards are still cunted, same as the ps4 version. I think I had a score go through like twice in how ever many times I played it.


Deathsmiles I and II should be out soon.



Yurukill demo is out. Get you "skip dialogue" fingers at the ready - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1733840/Yurukill_The_Calumniation_Games/

Whew. 3.2gb? I bet 3gb of that is the .txt file.

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Lucky for me, I love visual novels! I hope my laptop runs it.


[edit] argh the demo teases a score attack mode, which is only in the full version

[edit 2] I've only played a bit of it so far. Chose "normal" difficulty. The game starts with a shmup section with seven (!) pages of instructions and then it's just quite bland from there, I think you're meant to be testing everything out but then it just kind of ends without a big boss to use your charged weapons on.


The Visual Novel bit is very Visual Novel. It's borrowing heavily from games like Virtue's Last Reward - you're in a death game! there's a piece of unremovable jewelry that will kill you if you break the rules! There's an animal person who is far too energetic and speaks in funny voices who is presented to you as the initial antagonist!


The premise seems interesting but it is going to put a lot of people off with just how anime it is, and the shmup bit has to get a lot better in later parts to be worth recommending.


[edit 3] the prologue is not especially tricky on the hardest difficulty either. I triggered the 100% meter bomb which basically kills everything on screen for a few seconds, whilst also being far less cool than Super Nashwan Power.

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Yeah, fair play if you enjoy those, I don't mean to sound disparaging, but it seems like such a weird mix, you're either in the mood to roll your sleeves up and dodge bullets or slump back in your seat and play through a visual novel.
I suppose there'll be plenty of people like you in Japan that are well into both for it to make more sense as a crossover.


Yeah, I saw that score attack mode. Klatry mentioning that you need to play a significant chunk of the game before you unlock that has got me worried.


I played through the little shmup bit at the start. Skipped a few cutscenes and then it was asking me to move one of the analogue sticks that I don't have on my stick, so I just fucked it off rather than clarting on.
I'll wait and see what the deal is with whether or not you can just play the shmup portion, or see if someone shares a save file.
I'm sure the shmup bit gets going eventually, but from what I saw, I'm not jumping through hoops for that.


Had a quick run-through of deathsmiles 2.
They can keep their dlc, I'm not paying 20 quid for a couple extra dollies.
It's as fun as I remember, the ultra hypnotic slowdown from the 360 isn't there, but there is slowdown and it's totally playable and good fun.

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Lots of good stuff in this thread, quite a few games I seen that I mean to pick up now. Been grabbing some of the M2 shottrigger titles lately, it's a real shame most haven't been released outside of Japan, just thankful most have got a retail release.


So Cotton Rock'n Roll got a western release as Cotton Fantasy (odd name change) and it's been out for around a month now. Was lucky enough to get a review copy and it's a pretty solid addition to the series with some nice unlockable content. There are 6 playable characters from the get go Cotton & Appli along with guest characters from Doki Doki Poyatchio, Psyvariar, Sanvein and Umihara Kawase, you can unlock another and Silk was a pre-order bonus in Japan, but no sign of a DLC release in the west. Each of them really changes how the game plays I will admit.



Still wanting on the Cotton Reboot! Patch in the west to add in Appli. On the plus side G-Darius HD patch has now dropped on console over here adding in the Ver 2 and the PS1 port, it's a huge improvement to the game I will admit.

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10 hours ago, ImmaculateClump said:

Infinite Burst is coming to the switch in september - http://5pb.jp/games/bulletsoul-doublesoul/en/


On sale on pc now if you'd prefer - https://store.steampowered.com/app/545060/BULLET_SOUL_INFINITE_BURST/


Don't listen to the naysayers on this one. It's great fun and the music is banging!




Completely agree - it's a great shmup!

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Loving Mushihimesama  on the switch which I picked up over the weekend. I'm rubbish but can at least get past the first level on the normal difficulty. Reminds me in some ways if dragon blaze which is another favourite shooter for me.


Also picked up in the hunt as wanted something more in keeping with old school traditional shooters I enjoyed back in the day... the push scroll mechanic makes it feel like a cross between rtype and metal slug (unsurprising given its pedigree)


Patiently awaiting Outzone and Guwange to make it onto switch and my shooting desires will be complete. 

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A collection of Taito's "Ray" games is coming to Switch and PS4 in 2023. Take it away, Google Translate:



The software "Rays Arcade Chronology" for Nintendo Switch ™ / PlayStation®4, which is a port of Taito's representative shooting game "Ray Series" trilogy, will be released in 2023!


"Rays Arcade Chronology" is a faithful port of the arcade version trilogy "RayForce", "Raystorm", and "RayCrisis" of the "Ray Series", and the 2 titles of 3D drawing have been made higher resolution, for a total of 3 titles. It is an omnibus game software that contains 5 versions of "Ray".

M2 Co., Ltd. is in charge of porting all titles, and in addition to displaying various "gadgets" that are useful for capturing games, we plan to add save / load functions during the game.



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OMG Grand Cross: Renovation.

wow!  Seriously blown away by the presentation in this one.  Super cool stuff.  Reminiscent of Radiant Silvergun of course, also stuff like Evangelion, all turned up to 11.  Plays really nicely as well.

In the Steam sale!

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On 04/06/2022 at 09:44, ImmaculateClump said:

The infuriating thing about the game, as good as it is, is that every mode is far too easy, except for "ridiculous" which does exactly what it says on the tin, and is a bit too punishing. There's no porridge that's just right,


I've spent a bit of time with Drainus recently - I love it but this is bang on. The arcade mode is close for me, Normal Arcade is a bit too easy but with a propensity to make you lose six lives in quick succession if you find yourself without power ups on a boss, and Hard Arcade is a bit too far the other direction.


The Hard Arcade Mode would be great if it wasn't also one-hit kills, or at least let you come back fully powered. Dying on a boss is agony in this game.

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On 03/07/2022 at 00:27, hazeredmist said:

Came *this* close to a 1cc on Espgaluda 2 black label it’s sickening 😂 clicked continue and must have been 2/3 shots and it was done 

Went back in tonight and changed character which went well - got the all clear with lives to spare this time and then found on the score board I had a 1cc already back in 2021 which I literally can’t remember 😂 did set a new high score tonight at least.

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On 03/07/2022 at 09:01, Triple A said:

OMG Grand Cross: Renovation.

wow!  Seriously blown away by the presentation in this one.


Yeah, they really leant into the whole spectacle of it. Feels like a proper journey in the way that eschatos does.
I only played through the game the once and never went back, which is not on, really.
I'll have to fire it up again one day and play with a pad because I found myself barely using the laser which I'm guessing is the main scoring mechanic, just because it was so unwieldy to move on a stick.


Yeah Drainus is a really good game with a few glaring flaws that pull it right back to just above average after your first few plays.
Such a shame, especially since it's things that wouldn't take too much effort to fix.
Might be a great introduction to the genre though, I think.


Congrats Haze, again! Yeah, the black label mode is loads of fun. I got chinned by the last boss when I tried it.


Turns out I've been really overthinking the scoring in Deathsmiles IIX. You don't have to summon the yellow suicide bullets very often. I was trying to do that constantly.





Hopefully I can score a lot bigger than that.

People are wrong about Deathsmiles II. It's brilliant fun.


We all know that one guy who opted for early retirement :D



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On 03/06/2022 at 20:14, Triple A said:

Loving Drainus at the mo - thanks for the tipoffs guys


Same. Wouldn't have picked that up without recommendations (drain-us.. so bad). But it's great, what I'd call an "intelligent shmup".

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